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What have the gremlins hidden?

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WashAsDelicates · 21/05/2023 22:23

Where is my fermentation jar?

It's a big 1.5L thing, not easily hidden. I'm 99.9% sure it's empty, so it can't be bubbling away at the back of a cupboard somewhere. Anyway, I've looked in all the cupboards.

And, while I'm griping, where is my packet of lovely handmade soaps?

It's wrapped in brown paper, and I remember writing a note on it describing what was inside, so it won't have been binned. And, yes, I've looked in all the bathroom cupboards.

What have the gremlins hidden from you?

OP posts:
Cheezecake · 21/05/2023 23:28

A book from a private library. Do you have an attic or shed?

mrsmacmc · 21/05/2023 23:34

Maternity knickers 🫣 I bought them very early on and put them in a safe place 🤨

HistoriaTrixie · 22/05/2023 00:00

The tailor's tape I need to take measurements for a new bra! 😆

EineReiseDurchDieZeit · 22/05/2023 00:05

A bag of safety pins I've bought to stop my bras falling out of dresses

Tits ahoy now

echt · 22/05/2023 00:11

My late DH's headphones. Even buying a new pair, the usually infallible solution that makes the lost emerge, has not worked.

Howyoualldoworkme · 22/05/2023 00:16

The belt to my favourite summer dress. I packed it away with the dress. Got out my summer clothes and no belt!

dontgobaconmyheart · 22/05/2023 00:23

A receipt for some (not cheap) garden planters that I've got home and realised don't really work how I imagined and the sizing is a bit off for the space.

I left it on the kitchen worktop, I know that much. I'm convinced DP has binned it not realising it was to be kept but he's fervently denying any suggestion so all that remains is gremlins.

MooseBeTimeForSnow · 22/05/2023 00:28

@WashAsDelicates did you put the soap in your linen cupboard to harden off/make the bedding smell nice?

MyMachineAndMe · 22/05/2023 01:08

Some washi tape, sellotape, a little metal ruler, a few pencils.

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