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June train strikes- confused 2 unions striking

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Stressedgiraffe · 21/05/2023 19:26

Just realised that there are train strikes on 2nd and 3 rd june. I'm away for work that week and have booked a ticket to come back on the Fri. But one union is on strike on 2nd and another on 3rd. Does anyone know how I would find out which services each strike? I've had a Google but nothing seems clear. I don't really want to spend another 2 nights paying for a hotel but looks like I might have to. Coming back on the Thursday not an option.

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Submariner · 21/05/2023 19:33

If you know which train line you are travelling with (eg Great Western) look on their website as they have so far been quite clear about what is happening on what days/routes.

Reugny · 21/05/2023 19:36

As PP said you need to look at the specific train company you are using website to see what, if any, services they have in strike days.

If you listen to external services e.g. local travel news you are likely to get the wrong information.

drinkyourtea12 · 21/05/2023 19:38

ASLEF (drivers) sat 3rd of June no trains
RMT (TOCs) Friday 2nd June very limited service between 6am and 6pm

drinkyourtea12 · 21/05/2023 19:39

Should be ok coming back in the Friday but advise not after 4pm the limited service start to get cancelled. Check the time tables but they may not all run.

Stressedgiraffe · 21/05/2023 19:42

I'm using cross country/ gwr/southern
I've looked on the websites for all and unfortunately it's not clear. Looks like I won't be able to get back till Sunday. Though all frustratingly say to check back later but I'll need to extend my hotel sooner rather than later!

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