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Potty Training this week - Tell me everything I need - (nervous!)

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pottytrainingggg · 21/05/2023 14:02

Starting potty training tomorrow with 30 month old. Was going to try Oh Crap method. Please tell me what I need? I have bought a potty, flushable wipes and a loo seat.

I am nervous as my little boy is very stubborn and is currently saying he is scared of the potty. I know the worst thing I can do is show him I'm nervous so trying to stay easy breezy about it.

OP posts:
Questionsforyou · 21/05/2023 14:04

You need to keep eyes on him at all times day 1 as you'll miss him weeing and that will annoy you
Don't spend too long on the naked bit as then he has to unlearn that skill
Good luck. Why is he scared ?

pottytrainingggg · 21/05/2023 14:32

Thanks! He just says he is scared and I ask why and he says he wants to stay in nappies! I've said it's okay to feel scared and I know he will do great.

Is there anything else I need to buy? And how on earth do I keep him occupied at home for 3-4 days...

OP posts:
Neilsfavouritechilli · 21/05/2023 14:36

Are you having to train him for pre-school or nursery? If not I'd maybe hold off for a bit as it sounds like you're both a little bit worried about it.

Neilsfavouritechilli · 21/05/2023 14:42

Also someone will be along soon to point out that a 30 month old is 2 and a half and that no wipes are flushable yadda yadda, ignore those comments and focus on the helpful ones that give you support and advice.

pottytrainingggg · 21/05/2023 14:44

Yes I need to do it before he can move up at nursery. I'm not that bad, and definitely not showing him. It's just a big step so I thought I'd ask for any tips on here to reassure me.

OP posts:
Neilsfavouritechilli · 21/05/2023 14:51

I totally get it, there'll be some accidents (and patience needed) but you'll both get there. Have you left the potty out near the toilet so he can see it for a little while and get used to it?

SillyYak · 21/05/2023 15:10

on top of what you’ve got you will need lots of spare pairs of trousers that are easy to pull up and down, some Napisan or similar to soak them in when he has the inevitable accidents, and some juice boxes for day 1 as if you let him drink a bit extra it gives him a bit more practice.

oh crap says don’t reward with treats if they get it in the potty but I disagree. Get a tube of smarties. One for a wee and two for a poo.

my LO was a similar age and still a bit reluctant to try but it’s been under a month and he’s doing really really well with it. and he’s so proud of himself. Nappies already feel like they’re in our past (except for sleeps and swims of course!)

good luck!

Beseen22 · 21/05/2023 15:17

I think the best thing you can do if hes anxious is model sitting on the toilet or potty so they don't think its scary with yourself or you can use his teddy. Only equipment I needed was the little seat to sit on the toilet seat and a good high stool that they can stand on to get up to the toilet and wash their hands. Maybe a wee towel or something to stick under them in the car so the car seat doesn't get wet.

Honestly he is still very little, there's no need to be stressed about it he has so much time. My littlest was very stubborn and he hated the going every 30 minutes method...he got really angry at all the pressure. I had to just take him every 2 hours.

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