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Do antibiotics always upset your tummy?

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Thetoasterhasbroken · 21/05/2023 12:04

I have very rarely taken antibiotics and will avoid them if I can help it at all as I have a sensitive digestive system and the odd times I’ve taken them in the past have upset me.

However, I have had a bad tummy and bladder since yesterday morning.

I had a one off and unexplained episode of diarrhoea yesterday morning but was left in agony in my rectal area afterwards. Since then my body has been trying to push something out every 10-15 minutes, my rectal area feels so sore and sensitive but all that I’m passing is clear mucus (had no sleep last night as my body has gone into overdrive and I feel like I constantly need to go, for some reason). I may also have picked up a possible urine infection (or it’s irritated my bladder?) because I am also needing to pee every time I feel the need to open my bowels and now my bladder area is hurting a bit when I pee. In my 50 years I have never experienced anything like this apart from when I had to take strong laxatives for a colonoscopy 4 years ago.

I rang 111 yesterday as the rectal pain was so distracting. They recommended I get checked out at the local out of hours clinic. The nurse there was so lovely, did an internal examination, couldn’t feel anything and said the intense burning pain I was feeling was probably due to the acid in the diarrhoea, she prescribed me some cream to ease the pain.

She also dip tested my urine and said there were ketones and protein in my sample. Ketones probably as I hadn’t eaten anything yesterday but she didn’t explain why the proteins could be there (since googled and scared myself as it mentions kidney failure!). I didn’t ask if any of this indicates a uti?

She then prescribed co-amixiclav. I had explained to her that although I felt well I wondered if it was food poisoning as I’d eaten some cooked chicken the day before (although have felt ok in myself and would have thought food poisoning would make me feel rough?). I didn’t ask why she was prescribing antibiotics tbh as I was in so much pain and scared I’d crap myself there and just wanted to get home and in bed.
My worry now is that due to my chronic and daily IBS and a super, super sensitive stomach at the best of times (although what I’m experiencing atm isn’t normal for me or my usual IBS symptoms) these antibiotics will give me a worsening of what I am experiencing atm (leaflet says diarrhoea is the most common side effect) and it mentions c diff on the ‘potential’ side effects as well which is something which scares the life out of me.

Is there anything I can do to help prevent getting diarrhoea with these meds?

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over50andfab · 21/05/2023 12:17

We can experience bowel changes with menopause, and this can sometimes exacerbate IBS. There’s some info here with tips

Antibiotics, as you’re probably aware, can kill off the good bugs along with the bad and can affect the gut and genitals. Probiotics, preferably naturally in food or a supplement can help if you’re able to take these.

Ensure you drink plenty of water. Low estrogen can affect/thin the tissue of the urethra which can cause infection and concentrated wee can sting more.

Thetoasterhasbroken · 21/05/2023 12:22

Thanks over50andfab (love your username, that’s my goal and inspiration)!
My gut issues have definitely been worse since peri, I have had IBS for 25 years but it went crazy at the age of 45 and hasn’t settled.
I do have some probiotics that I haven’t yet tried. I really don’t look forward to taking the antibiotics but will try the probiotics with them.

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