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Does anyone know what the name of this film is please?

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DojaPhat · 21/05/2023 09:41

I saw parts of it when watching Gogglebox and didn't catch it but basically a film (I think), where a woman seems to have no memory but she has a pretty intense flashback of having sex with a man with tattoos. In the present she is in the kitchen and a younger man greets her and it becomes apparent from the tattoos on his arms that he was the man from her flashback and he's apparently her daughter's partner. He tells her "you don't remember me" with a coy smile.

Does this ring a bell for anyone? Woman also has bruise on side of her face.

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CatastrophicCat · 21/05/2023 09:46

Wasn't it Close to Me with Christopher Eccleston? It's a C4 series not a film but think that's what you mean, I do remember it being on Gogglebox.

bluebeck · 21/05/2023 09:49

It was really good!

DojaPhat · 21/05/2023 09:53

Yes!!! Thank you! That's the one. Can't tell you the sorts of weird things I googled trying to find it! Grin

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