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Air Pods Pro Detected Near You?! I don't own Air Pods!!

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WhatAirPods · 20/05/2023 23:12

Was out tonight at a pub. Really quiet pub and no one came near us.
When I got home I had a notification that air pods where detected with me?!

I straight away checked everything to make sure nothing had been placed on us.

Why would I get this message? Was it because I was near someone who had them?!

Air Pods Pro Detected Near You?! I don't own Air Pods!!
OP posts:
WhatAirPods · 20/05/2023 23:13

Also why has the red line tracked me?!

OP posts:
ElizabethinherGermanGarden · 20/05/2023 23:39

It's an alert to suggest that someone was following you.

WhatAirPods · 20/05/2023 23:48

But this is the weird part. Only I got the notification when two others who were sat next to me who also have iPhones didn't. We didn't move from that table nor did anyone come near us.

How does that happen?

OP posts:
Sunbird24 · 20/05/2023 23:56

Maybe your Bluetooth was on and theirs wasn’t?

Delphigirl · 20/05/2023 23:57

Check all your pockets and your bag to check that someone hasn’t slipped an airpod in, in order to track you.

LemonySippet · 21/05/2023 00:14

My phone tried to connect to someone's Garmin watch the other day when I was in the doctor's waiting room, except I was the only person there. It must have been someone walking past outside, or upstairs, or in a different room. Turn your Bluetooth off if it bothers you.

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