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Good website or app for analysing nutritional content of diet

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StrongLegs · 20/05/2023 19:17


Just posting on chat to try to get a wide variety of opinions. I hope that's okay.

I have been using a website called for years to analyse my diet and make sure I have all the vitamins and minerals I need (I have a lot of intolerances and can't take supplements).

The website is really top notch and I love it, but this week it stopped working and there is no reply on the contact address.

I wondered if anybody might be able to recommend an alternative?

I have tried quite a lot of different things but they often don't have plain ingredients (like potato, and steak and duck and courgette), or else they are incredibly complicated and intended for professional dieticians.

I would be really grateful to know what other people use. I prefer a website as I am on a PC mostly, but can also use a smartphone app.

I'm looking for one that I can just tell it what I ate each day and it will tell me which pecentage I have reached for every vitamin and mineral, ideally including iodine.


OP posts:
HerrenaHarridan · 20/05/2023 19:40

I use mynetdiary

you can adjust the level of complexity it gives you and it has helped me see
exactly where my nutritional needs are not being met

pinknsparkly · 20/05/2023 19:49

Cronometer. They have an app and a website, though I've only used the website. I've not used it in a while but used for exactly the same reasons as you!

bloomtoperish · 20/05/2023 19:50

Cronometer is great

StrongLegs · 20/05/2023 21:00

Thank you very much, yes they look good.

Oddly I notice that a lot of these programmes ignore iodine, which seems such an important thing to have.

Chronometer looks right up my street though, and I can do the iodine by hand.

Thanks for the recommendations.

OP posts:
Phineyj · 20/05/2023 21:34

My Fitness Pal does this I think.

MatchaTea · 09/06/2023 22:00

My. Fitness Pal is totally unreliable as most entries are done by users. Cronometer uses mainly official and governmental nutritional databases.

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