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Anyone from Birmingham, Will there be anything open at all at this time?

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dooferdingle · 20/05/2023 16:24

Hello all, I'm going to a concert at the Utilita arena on the 31st of this Month, My mum and her partner have offered to take me and wait for the show to finish then take me home, The show starts at 8pm and doesn't end until 11pm, Would there be anything open at that time for them to do, Maybe somewhere for them to go to eat?

If there's nowhere open at that time I will tell them I will get the train instead as I don't expect them to just stand about waiting for me!


OP posts:
Doggymummar · 20/05/2023 16:25

Birmingham is a huge city of course things will be open

SausageRoll2020 · 20/05/2023 16:50

I'm not from Birmingham but all cities / medium-large towns will have cinemas, restaurants etc

You're looking at 8-11pm it's a perfectly normal time for people to be out in the evening.

HeidiWhole · 20/05/2023 16:52

Yes - it's walking distance from a busy street with lots of restaurants and bars.

hollybolly · 20/05/2023 16:58

It's near Brindley Place with lots of restaurants and bars and also Broad Street with bars etc. Easy to walk along the canal to The Mailbox for more restaurants and bars! There's parking in Brindley Place. Also an odean cinema nearby, with parking.

BonnieGlasses · 20/05/2023 17:09

Of course there will be it's a major city!

Pootles34 · 20/05/2023 17:28

Yes we went recently and parked in brindley place, much better than parking at the arena. Lots of restaurants around there.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 20/05/2023 17:36

Yes of course. What day of the week is it? What sort of things do they like to eat? Are they on a budget or would they like something a bit special? What kind of pubs/bars do they like?

Allmarbleslost · 20/05/2023 17:46

Of course there will be things open. Have you never been to a city before??

electricmoccasins · 20/05/2023 17:47

Not only will Birmingham be open at 8pm, it will just be getting going!

SchoolTripDrama · 20/05/2023 21:28

I wouldn't hang around Birmingham at night!! Not safe at all. Awful place

Axahooxa · 20/05/2023 21:35

Hanging around Brindley Place at night is wonderful. Sparkly lights on the canals- beautiful.

@SchoolTripDrama you can’t be an actual brummie, surely 😂

Danikm151 · 20/05/2023 21:38

@SchoolTripDrama dramatic much?

they won’t just be hanging round.

@dooferdingle depending on what they like there’s loads of stuff to do. broad street is a stone’s throw away plenty to eat.
If they want to do an activity- Broadway plaza has mini golf, bowling, odeon luxe. Or they could check out if there are any shows at Symphony hall or the Rep- they are really close to the Utilita arena( or the nia as true brummies still call it)

Aak · 20/05/2023 21:43

Everyman cinema is pretty close and is very nice to spend a couple of hours waiting.

Knackeredhamster · 20/05/2023 21:47

Ah, we're going to the same gig op 😃

Whichnumbers · 20/05/2023 21:49

Parking at Brindley place sounds like a good idea as it’ll be very busy out side the arena afterwards

thecatsthecats · 20/05/2023 21:54

Don't listen to these people. I'm in Birmingham right now, and the curfew bell rang two hours ago. The night watchmen are prowling about with their torches and truncheons.

theluckiest · 20/05/2023 22:43

As long as you take a pitchfork, stab-proof vest and a suitcase full of used notes, you should be ok.

Seriously, it's the second city!!! There's stacks of things to do in that area. You could go for something to eat around Brindley Place, head further up towards Victoria Square where there are loads of bars & restaurants or head towards the Mailbox.

I would avoid Broad St tho. Unless you are part of a hen party or desperate to pull in some godforsaken sports bar..

dooferdingle · 21/05/2023 00:22

Can you all tell I live in a rural area with one tiny shop that closes at 6pm?!

I feel like an idiot now lol..

Thanks everyone x

OP posts:
Cheezecake · 21/05/2023 01:59

Not an idiot. I think you amused quite a few people 😎

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 21/05/2023 07:19

Definitely avoid Broad Street if it’s a Friday or Saturday night.

HoneyDragon · 21/05/2023 07:31

I hang around Birmingham at night with my children, feckless mother that I am.
Loads to do near Utilita and plenty of places to eat. Or it’s not a long walk to the nearest cinemas.

If they are driving in as they are worried about you the train stations are all a short well lit walk away or there are a number of hotels nearby and prices near Utilita when events are on which are staggeringly more reasonable in pricing than other cities, if you’re worried about catching your last train.

JimnJoyce · 21/05/2023 08:39

Park in Brindley Place, there are 3 cinemas within 15 min walking distance, loads of restaurants and bars. You dont have to avoid Broad St, that's just ridiculous advice plus its pretty impossible to anyway in that location. Theres a bowling alley at Broadway Plaza and the Mailbox shops will be open at that time also.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 21/05/2023 09:10

I'm saying avoid Broad Street to avoid all the drunken people, not because it's unsafe - so no, I don't think I'm being ridiculous. It's just not where I'd want to spend an evening when there are far nicer places.

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