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What IS this?!

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AnxiousAnnabel · 20/05/2023 09:45

Husband got given this free piece of promotional swag at a conference.

It's a double walled glass receptacle with a tiny basket in it. Wondered if it was for coffee/tea but there's no sippy bit so no good for hot drinks on the go?

We're mystified?

OP posts:
AnxiousAnnabel · 20/05/2023 09:46

Photos would help

What IS this?!
What IS this?!
OP posts:
VenusClapTrap · 20/05/2023 09:49

Is it one of those water bottles that have a section for herbs/lemon slices etc?

Blomonje · 20/05/2023 09:49

Water bottle with an infuser for lemon or cucumber etc?

HeidiUpTheMountain · 20/05/2023 09:50

Yes, I would say it’s for making cold infusions. The double wall helps it keep cold, and the basket stops all the gubbins coming out when you pour or drink from it.

AnxiousAnnabel · 20/05/2023 10:17

But where the gubbins would sit, if you drank or poured from it, you'd end up with gubbins in your mouth/cup.

It's also quite small, so in terms of taking a drink on the go, it doesn't hold a lot!

OP posts:
CountTo10 · 20/05/2023 10:18

Waterdrop bottles are this design although they have a removable insulated outer for hot drinks. They don't have a 'sipping bit' you just drink from the bottle. They also don't have a little basket you dissolve one of their tablets to flavour the water.

AnxiousAnnabel · 20/05/2023 13:41

So no-one's any the wiser! 🤣 I don't feel as silly now!

OP posts:
Fiftyisthenewsixty · 20/05/2023 13:44

You put the bits in the bottle and then the filter on top, surely?

bibbityboppityboo · 20/05/2023 13:45

You put the fruit in the bottom with the water, the tiny strainer is so you can just sip out of the top and the fruit doesn't come out! Like lemon / mint / lime etc

WeAreTheHeroes · 20/05/2023 13:46

Exactly this. It's a strainer, not an infuser basket.

kangaroopelicanartic · 20/05/2023 13:46

It's to make infused water - the fruit or whatever goes under the strainer so you can drink without it getting in your mouth.

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