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Talk to me about nails

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wondabar · 20/05/2023 02:49

I have short nails and every so often I like them to be spruced up at the nail bar. I say I want gels, choose a colour and colour me out happy. However, I have recently spoken to a number of people having their nails done who say they have acrylics done and that they wish they had them done ages ago.I always though acrylics were those really artificial-looking nails but apparently you can have them looking very natural. Rather than gels, should I have acrylics? Can I have them done over and over again every time I want a new nail? How easy is it to go back to natural once that you have acrylic done? Are they very expensive?

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Redglitter · 20/05/2023 03:03

I LOVE my acrylics. I cant stand not having them now. Mine are a nice natural length and shape. I go about every 3 weeks for an infill until they need replaced. When I'm getting a complete new set they get properly soaked off. My nails are in good shape under neath

WeAreTheHeroes · 20/05/2023 05:41

I think they're horrible. I dislike the way your own nails are treated before they're applied and the thickness of them compared to natural nails. Plus if you choose not to maintain them you need to have them correctly removed so as to not cause further damage.

Effieswig · 20/05/2023 05:47

I don’t think anyone can say acrylics are better than gel or vice versa. What is that gel isn’t doing for you?
Acrylics can look thick and you can have them reall long, lots of people like the obviously fake look. But they definitely don’t need to be.

But if gel works for you, I would stick with that tbh.

Peanutbutteryday · 20/05/2023 09:12

I’m the same as you I have gel (for a treat - before holidays, birthdays that sort of thing) and love it. Thirty quid. I can’t warrant spending more on my nails as a regular thing every three weeks. But I’ve never tried anything else!

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