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Space station visible tonight

18 replies

tailinthejam · 19/05/2023 22:25

10.35pm for about 7 minutes.

OP posts:
MayBeeJuneSoon · 19/05/2023 22:28

I love to watch it go over...

1of2 · 19/05/2023 22:33

Where do we need to look direction wise??

MayBeeJuneSoon · 19/05/2023 22:36

Depends where you are?

1of2 · 19/05/2023 22:37


beccahamlet · 19/05/2023 22:39

Thanks. Just seen it.

1of2 · 19/05/2023 22:41

Spotted it!

beccahamlet · 19/05/2023 22:41

Going from west to east

Fencebreaker · 19/05/2023 22:43

Oh yay, thanks for sharing. I just ran to the velux and caught it going right over the top of us!

tailinthejam · 19/05/2023 22:43

Spotted it eventually, sometimes you can't see for looking!!

OP posts:
PeopleAreShit · 19/05/2023 22:43

@tailinthejam thank you so much! I had no idea and saw your thread at 10:35 went outside and saw it!

Iloveabaconbutty · 19/05/2023 22:45

Fantastic. Just read your post and nipped outside with the binocs. Nice clear sky (for once!) very bright, heading steadily east. Thanks OP!

msmatcha · 19/05/2023 22:47

I just ran out and saw it too!

tailinthejam · 19/05/2023 22:49

1of2 · 19/05/2023 22:33

Where do we need to look direction wise??

It travels from west to east. There's a website called Spot the Station, you can find out all about it on there.

Should be going over the southern half of the UK again tomorrow evening starting at 9.47pm for seven minutes, then again Sunday at 10.35pm and Monday 9.47pm. Those timings are for London, but it travels so fast, anywhere else will be about the same time. It circumnavigates the earth every hour and a half, but you can't see it most of the time.

OP posts:
tailinthejam · 20/05/2023 13:48

Bumping because it is visible again tonight.

OP posts:
AutumnCrow · 20/05/2023 14:02

I've been watching for it most nights lately. For me, it appears in the west or west-north-west close to where Venus is visible - it's so beautiful - and by a twist of fate both are in the sight line of some nearby trees and an Victorian old school where we often see a bat flying about looking for moths.

It all kicks off in the sky round here from about 9.15 pm! Smile

tailinthejam · 20/05/2023 21:09

Saturday - appearing from the west from 9.47pm to 9.54pm and will go right overhead southern half of UK.

OP posts:
BewitchedBotheredandBewildered · 20/05/2023 22:32

Saw it tonight, so fast!

Told 6 year old grandson about it this morning and he and his dad saw too, GS was very excited and wants to look up who's on it Smile we'll do that tomorrow.

Thanks so much for the heads up OP .

MorrisZapp · 20/05/2023 22:41

If you open your window in Edinburgh you might just hear Beyonce 🤩

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