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How long for a CS job offer?

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Iwrotethissong · 19/05/2023 20:08

Interviewed, verbally offered role. DBS checks completed a month ago....nothing. have emailed the recruiting manager, no reply.
They are apparently "desperate" to fill the role and for me to give a start date, or they were a month ago anyway, now I've been ghosted. Has anyone else experienced this?

OP posts:
ReturnoftheMuck · 19/05/2023 22:25

Personally, I would see this as a red flag. It shows the organisation is completely disorganised. That being said, you don't know if the recruiting manager has gone off sick.

Could you contact HR? Who organised the interview with you?

Iizzyb · 19/05/2023 23:24

I would email the recruiting manager again. Until very recently all of our support for recruitment and onboarding was utterly shocking and checks took absolutely ages to come back so if the recruiting manager missed your email or has been away ill, they might not even know you've had the unconditional offer.

Yes civil service recruitment can be utterly shocking but once you're in, unless you are responsible for recruitment you'll never have any reason to have anything to do with them

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