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Getting involved in school stuff when you are a shy parent

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mrlistersgelfbride · 19/05/2023 15:04

Just wondering how anyone shy puts themselves forward for activities that are going on in school?
Yesterday DDs school had a gardening afternoon and they sent an email about it asking parents to help. It was my day off so I actually could have gone- however gardening is not my strong point and I felt embarrassed I wouldn't know what to do and look stupid. DD would have loved me to go.
I haven't helped on any school trips yet as they fall when I'm at work but even if not I'd worry about attending these too.

The school is lovely and friendly but I'm fairly shy and socially awkward and although I'm friendly to the other parents and say hello to a lot of people, I'm not in the main cliques/friendship groups that seemed to have formed.

I contribute to things like raffles, cake sales, fundraisers, summer fayres and the sustainability initiatives they have. I'm just not great at putting myself forward.
I'd like to overcome this. DD is still only in reception so there's time for me to 'warm up'. I'm using the excuse that I work 4 days with a long commute as a reason for not getting involved but I could do more. Does anyone have any advice?

OP posts:
Needmorelego · 19/05/2023 15:07

Take a deep breath....and just go for it.
That's what I did.
Don't know much about gardening? Be honest and say that - the know it all bossy kid of the class will soon tell you what to do !

Twilightstarbright · 19/05/2023 15:29

Agree just go for it. The other parents will be feeling the same as you!

FWIW cliques are often imagined. Get to know people 1:1.

PurpleElf · 19/05/2023 15:58

I am on our school’s PTA committee and I can guarantee that your school’s teachers and PTA are desperate for help with all sorts of things and they are not looking for the most expert, most confident, loudest people. They will be thrilled to have help from anyone who is enthusiastic, patient and collaborative. You sound like a thoughtful and caring person who would fit right in!

Whatever amount of time you can give will be appreciated and it’s a great way to get to know a whole load of different people without pressure to talk about yourself or be the centre of attention. Just muck in, have a sense of humour about it all and be yourself. Kids, teachers and other helpers will be grateful and you will feel great for not only helping the school, but for how excited your child will be that you’re a part of her school journey in such a tangible way.

Enjoy it, OP, the primary school years will whizz by so take the chance to be involved now if you can!

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