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At home weight training recommendations please

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Oneborneverydecade · 19/05/2023 13:30

I don't know where to start. I'm 45 and overweight.

I need weights and a programme please. I don't want to spend too much.


OP posts:
Mumtoabeast · 19/05/2023 13:44

Highly recommend the Bodycoach app. Gives you workouts to follow & meals as well. Been doing it since Sept 2020 & honestly have never felt better. I'm 42 & in the best shape of my lfe

Monkeybutt1 · 19/05/2023 14:07

I use the Fiton app it's really great and free. There are many different types of workouts from cardio to strength training and a lot of body weight ones too so you don't even need to buy expensive weights. There is a super supportive FB group too.

porridgeisbae · 19/05/2023 14:27

I trained in fitness and worked in it for a while. Get a dumbbell set with a barbell central bit you can add in. Most sets will include weight plates. Work at 6RM (a weight you can do 6 reps of for each exercise. 3 sets or 4 if you like. Look up compound exercises and any for other small muscles you feel like targeting like bicep, tricep, abs. You'll get as much of a workout as you would at the gym, without having to pay them. Do the light cardio you 'like' the most. Walking, cycling etc or a bit of a dance, whatever. Enjoy 😊

ScottishBeth · 19/05/2023 14:30

There was an AMA thread recently by a personal trainer which gave advice on weight training - have a look at that. I thought the thread was really good.

porridgeisbae · 19/05/2023 14:31

Weights are worth the money, if strength training etc is something you want to do in the most successful way you can. In theory any weight plates you buy will last for life. I prefer the iron ones to ones filled with sand or whatever.

allthewoes · 19/05/2023 14:32

Friend of mine who's a fitness nut swears by Caroline Girvan.

Djchickpea · 19/05/2023 14:34

Check out Caroline Girvan, loads of free content on YouTube. She's just launched a (paid for) app, I believe about £10 a month and that includes an absolute beginner programme. Very active and supportive FB community too

motherofkevinnotperry · 19/05/2023 14:35

Consider resistance band training as well. It's amazing, easy to store the bands and you can do it watching TV.

Boopear · 19/05/2023 14:36

Bodyfit by Amy is free on YouTube. She does 30min sessions and is very doable for beginners. If you haven't done anything befire, I suggest starting with 2 & 3kg weights and see how you go. Or maybe see if you can visit a gym and try so of their dumbells to see what you are comfortable with. . Best to have a lighter and a heavier one. Lidl often has some. Maybe also a kettlebell (6kg?). Use heavier weights for leg work/lighter for arms - the key thing is to be really pushing for about the last 2-3 reps.

Best of luck.

Oneborneverydecade · 19/05/2023 14:50

Thank you all so much. I posted and then promptly got distracted but will have a proper read and find that AMA too.
Lazy from me but can someone please link to a beginners weight set they've bought online. My DS16 has a dumbbell set from Decathlon but I'm not sure if it's too heavy.

OP posts:
Pyjamasalldayplease · 19/05/2023 14:52

I'm a fan of Lauren Simpson's programs. I downloaded one during lockdown (PDF) that gives you 8 weeks of workouts, and still use it now. All easy to do at home, but you'll need dumbbells, resistance bands, a mat and a chair. She's on Instagram and seems like a nice person too 🤷‍♀️

W0tnow · 19/05/2023 14:55

I would buy a couple of 3 kg and 5 kg weights and do Caroline Girvan Iron series on YouTube. It’s free. It goes for a month (including rest days) and each session is 30 minutes.

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