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One day in Hertfordshire

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Champagneponies · 19/05/2023 08:45

Please tell me what to do with my day!

I'm in Hertfordshire today and was meant to work but it's been cancelled. Not local. I'm sat in a Maccies trying to figure out what to do with my day.

Can't check into hotel till 3pm.
Have already done the HP tour at Leavesden previously.
Don't want to go shopping!

Tell me how to spend my day please 😂

OP posts:
Butterflybutterflies · 19/05/2023 08:46

Where in Herts?

Champagneponies · 19/05/2023 08:50

Near Watford but don't mind a drive!

OP posts:
Butterflybutterflies · 19/05/2023 08:52

You could go to St Albans, walk around the town centre, visit the cathedral and walk through the park to the Waffle House.

Medicinalfriedchicken · 19/05/2023 08:52

I was also going to suggest St Albans!

WimpoleHat · 19/05/2023 08:55

Definitely St Albans. Cathedral very interesting and the museum and gallery is worth a visit too. (It has cafe seating in the old courtroom and you can go down into the cells - it’s quite fascinating!). There’s also a Roman museum (Verulamium museum) and some okay shops.

MidgeHardcastle · 19/05/2023 09:00

Another vote for St Albans. Bit further north near Welwyn but if you like a bit of George Bernard Shaw you can visit his house.

CoutureBakes · 19/05/2023 09:12

One more vote for st Albans Verulamium

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