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DD bitten at nursery

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HowBeOn · 18/05/2023 18:16

So my DD 21 months has come home from nursery today with a bite mark on her arm.

Nursery didn’t mention anything, and they are usually pretty good with incident forms and letting us know how the day went etc.

At first I wasn’t too fussed, I know young toddlers are prone to biting (she’s bitten me a few times recently) but when DH saw he got a bit cross and said the nursery should have said? Am I under reacting here but not wanting to Persue it? I’d be a bit mortified if another mum contacted me to say she had bitten their child.

Surely toddlers be toddlers in this instance?

OP posts:
minipie · 18/05/2023 18:17

The nursery may not have noticed?

I’m not sure what pursuing it will achieve. If it keeps happening then yes I’d say something but as a one off yes I agree toddlers gonna toddler.

unvillage · 18/05/2023 18:18

Toddlers will be toddlers, but the nursery absolutely should have informed you.

Tell them - they'll want to know!

Fleur405 · 18/05/2023 18:22

My daughter got bitten recently at nursery. They told us at pick up and we signed a form. I think you should mention it to them but, like you say, toddlers bite sometimes. I think if a particular child was constantly biting/hitting/hurting my DD I would want something done (increased supervision I guess of the biter) but the odd incident is just life at nursery.

Darkchocolatekitkat · 18/05/2023 18:22

I would absolutely expect to be told - but only if they knew about it. It’s entirely possible they didn’t see it happen, your child didn’t make a fuss or couldn’t explain why she was upset and they’ve no idea your child was bitten.

I wouldn’t go in all guns blazing or complaining, but I would make nursery aware, they need to know what’s going on so they can see if there’s a pattern developing or whatever. Even if you think you know the other child involved I strongly advise not contacting their parent - rarely does that kind of conversation go well and in any case they’re practically babies, it’s not like the parent can do much if they aren’t there at the time. It’s nursery’s responsibility to deal with it appropriately.

Fandabedodgy · 18/05/2023 18:25

If nursery knew about they should have said. Most likely the didn't. I would mention it when you drop off the next time - so that they are alert that they have a current biter on their hands.

But I wouldn't worry about it.

reluctantbrit · 18/05/2023 18:55

DD was bitten at nursery around that age, the nursery saw the first time it but the second time we only spotted it at home. We told them, also told them who did it as DD said the girl's name, in case it wasn't the same as the first time.

The nursery updated us that they spoke to the parents and that they tried to keep the girls apart.

The girls are now 15 and hang out all the time. They do grow out of it.

HatchetJob · 18/05/2023 20:54

They should have told you. However it is a phase.
I had to go in and sign a form because DD bit someone, next day that girl bit her (DD told me quite happily in the car). It went on for a bit in that group, then stopped. DD was also friends with her fellow biter for 10 years till she moved away.

saxendaqs · 19/05/2023 01:17

Communicate with them!

It doesn't sound like they even know about it.

Fraaahnces · 19/05/2023 02:02

Is the skin broken? She may need a tetanus shot. I’d be asking WHY they didn’t notice.

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