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What date is 30 days from April 17th? Argos related...

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SchmeltzHerring · 18/05/2023 01:01

Argos state that "you have 30 days from the date of collection or from the date of delivery to return your item". I collected my order on April 17th and thought I had until yesterday, May 17th, to return it (unopened and nothing wrong with it), but the guy who scanned my receipt said I was outside the returns window.

I figured there had just been a mistake and I would go back tomorrow when a manager was around to sort it out. But then I came across this post online, from someone with the same issue, which suggests that Argos see the 17th April as day one of the returns window, 18th April as day two etc. So 30 days from 17th April would actually be the 16th of May:

So can I do a poll please. If you collect an item on April 17th and have 30 days from that date to return it, what's the latest you think you can return that item?

Clarity needed over Argos 30 day return policy

Hi, yesterday (7th October) my son was trying to arrange collection of an item under Argos's 30 day return policy.

OP posts:
moleeye · 19/05/2023 13:40

16th, 30 days 'from' collection means day of, so that would be day 1

GhoulWithADragonTattoo · 19/05/2023 14:19

I think until the 17 May. That is effectively day 30 from the purchase.

HipposHaveNipples · 19/05/2023 14:22

I would say the 17th. If your baby was born at 5pm on the 17th April, you wouldn't say they were one day old until a similar time on 18th April, surely?

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