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Veneers or composite bonding

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Buttonmoonmrspoon · 17/05/2023 20:39

My top teeth aren’t horrendous but could definitely do with some work. Never had a brace as a kid so some of them aren’t as low as the others.

Spoke to my dentist about composite bonding and he also mentioned veneers. I said no as I don’t want my teeth filing down but he said I have space so they wouldn’t need to. Told me we’ll have a proper chat when I next go.

I’ve looked at examples online and can’t decide which is better. Any advice? Positive and negative stories welcome!

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MachinesOfGod · 17/05/2023 20:46

I have composite bonding, it’s brilliant and my teeth are perfectly intact underneath. Much cheaper than veneers too. My dentist only charged me the cost of a filling for each involved tooth. Not sure they’re all quite so generous, but I’ve been thrilled with mine and it has made a huge difference to my confidence and smile.

Buttonmoonmrspoon · 17/05/2023 21:52

Thanks @MachinesOfGod , good to hear. I’ve read about not drinking too much tea etc due to staining - has this been a problem for you? I prefer the idea of composite bonding to veneers but not if the strain easily.

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Buttonmoonmrspoon · 17/05/2023 21:52

*not if they stain easily

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MachinesOfGod · 17/05/2023 23:16

Mine haven’t stained at all, I use a Colgate whitening toothpaste, one in a red and silver tube, they’re fine. I drink a lot of coffee, no issues.

Buttonmoonmrspoon · 18/05/2023 07:31

That’s great! I’m not a coffee drinker but have a lot of black tea, so was worried about that.

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