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How to edit a pdf file

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LivelyBlake · 17/05/2023 18:46

Help!! I need to replace a logo and add some copy to a pdf document urgently but my designer is not contactable until tomorrow.

I can buy sone software if necessary. What is easy to use for a complete beginner? Can I use Canva o similar?


OP posts:
MaggieBsBoat · 17/05/2023 18:50

At the top of the pdf file there is a menu bar and if you click on the down button by the pencil you’ll get buttons to edit. Once you do any edit (after practise) save as a tiff file then resave as a pdf.

LadyatLady · 17/05/2023 18:53

You need to do it in Adobe and yes you can buy it.

Barleysugar86 · 17/05/2023 18:54

You can get a weeks free trial for Adobe Acrobat pro. You'll need to input your card details but they won't charge anything if you cancel before the week is up- plenty of time for what you need.

Just google the software and it should come up.

BlameItOnTheGoose · 17/05/2023 18:54

You need Adobe Acrobat Pro. It allows you to edit pdfs - it's very easy to use

Lds1 · 17/05/2023 19:02

Save the PDF, right click the icon and press open with, then select Word. Some PDFs will open and let you edit.

Then save edited the word document as PDF

Crikeyalmighty · 17/05/2023 19:06

I use a free app called Ilovepdf

Crikeyalmighty · 17/05/2023 19:08

Should say free website- I need to split statements out that include multiple peoples statements on it- works well, it depends what you need to do as to whether it works for you

LucyLastik · 17/05/2023 19:10

Pdfcandy is a useful free website

Buzzer3555 · 17/05/2023 19:23

I use a free app pdf2word

prooses · 17/05/2023 19:24

OP I'm a designer and can help. PM me if you want a hand and I will give you my email address. If it's quick no charge!

LizzieSiddal · 17/05/2023 19:26

You don’t need to buy Adobe. As others have said you can easily edit them.

uninspiredpanda · 17/05/2023 19:52
LivelyBlake · 17/05/2023 20:02

Thanks all! I am going to try ilovepdf and the other free one

Thanks @prooses for the offer. I’ll see if I can manage first!

OP posts:
ItsAllGoingToBeFine · 17/05/2023 20:06

I like smallpdf,.but not sure if it can do what you need.

PurpleSky09 · 17/05/2023 20:10

Following to read later as I could do with something similar Smile

newtb · 17/05/2023 20:15

Paperport can convert pdf to word. It was free with my brother laser printer.

EilonwyWithRedGoldHair · 17/05/2023 21:25

I use Affinity Publisher for major change or as others have said Adobe Acrobat Pro. Adobe InDesign would work as well.

In a pinch, depending on the design, you can save as an image and edit that image, won't work if there are background graphics.

LivelyBlake · 17/05/2023 22:27

Update: I ended up using Canva and it worked! thanks all for your advice.

OP posts:
codegeass · 14/06/2023 14:05

I use a separate file management app for editing PDFs (and for myriad other office-related hurdles that optical character recognition can help with). There's also a neat "scan to word" function allowing me to copy/paste several paragraphs from varying sources and turn them into a single PDF file! It's also great for the automatic routing of new PDF files and invoices, and that alone saves me tons of time

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