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Toddler proof garden

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Courgettefritters · 16/05/2023 22:17

Sorry if this is a silly question. First time mum!

My house has double doors to the patio, but it's a few inches drop from inside to outside. Was thinking maybe I need to get a cushioned playmat to put on the concrete, as my little one is determined to escape whenever we open the doors! Worried about her falling and bashing her head on the concrete.

The garden is also on two levels... there's a concrete wall surrounding the lawn, which then drops off to the patio. How do I stop baby from falling off!?

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Flangeosaurus · 16/05/2023 22:19

How old is she? I wouldn’t over worry about going out of the back door, my 18 month old took precisely 25 minutes to cop on that he needed to come out backwards once I opened the doors last week. The drop from the lawn sounds higher and much more dangerous so this might need fencing

Courgettefritters · 16/05/2023 22:22

Thank you. She's 10 months old.

It's not a huge drop... a few stairs worth maybe? I might be overreacting, but she's a very fast crawler haha.

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coxesorangepippin · 16/05/2023 22:23

Yeah you'll have to spot her till she's capable

Courgettefritters · 16/05/2023 22:23

The drop would maybe be equivalent of falling off bed? So not nothing.

OP posts:
coxesorangepippin · 16/05/2023 22:23

Cushioned mat is a good idea, or a helmet

Flangeosaurus · 16/05/2023 22:26

At 10 months old you’d surely be right next to her in the garden? Or get some of that plastic playpen type fencing and make a safe area for her. Next year she’ll be bombing about and you’ll be able to let her play!

Courgettefritters · 16/05/2023 22:30

She hates her playpen! But you're right, I'll be with her. Just feel like I'll constantly chasing after her to keep her away from the edge!

OP posts:
Courgettefritters · 16/05/2023 22:31

I guess it's hopefully only an issue for one summer

OP posts:
Flangeosaurus · 16/05/2023 22:34

High sided empty paddling pool? Not that it would have contained mine but maybe other people’s babies aren’t kamikaze climbers Grin

Flangeosaurus · 16/05/2023 22:37

Also I’d try and set up an activity. Water in a tuff tray with some boats, books on a picnic blanket, take her highchair outside to have tea. I do think she might be better than you expect, we’ve camped with both of ours from very small and I’ve always found they’ll only go so far when crawling. Walking/running hell for leather, not so much, youngest DS is desperate to escape!

inappropriateraspberry · 17/05/2023 08:28

That sounds like a big drop for an adult! Are there not steps? I wouldn't go mad making it all safe and cushioned, children are better learning the dangers and how to be safe, using the steps properly etc.

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