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Booking practical driving test

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Citygirlrurallife · 16/05/2023 17:43

am trying to book my practical but the next available date and time before OCTOBER is a 3 hr drive away in July 😮

however someone just told me they release new appointments on Mondays at 6:30am, can anyone corroborate that?!

OP posts:
drinkyourtea12 · 16/05/2023 17:45

Yes they do. Book a test anywhere then you can try to change it 6am Mondays. I booked one last year late December 20 miles from me then was Able to move it to early December at my local test centre. The important thing is to book a test, anywhere! Then change it. You can download an app called Testi (you pay can't remember how much) which gives you cancellations at your chosen test centre (once you have a test booked in the system) good luck

drinkyourtea12 · 16/05/2023 17:46
Rhythmisadancer · 16/05/2023 17:50

there are a few apps that seem to hoover up the slots as they get released. The one we used was about £20, but it did deliver some options around the time we wanted one. It's a bit of a scam but I think you have to devote a lot of time to pick a cancellation up yourself.

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