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Panicking over work issue

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Job2job2job · 16/05/2023 13:26


I have started my dream job five months ago. I really love it, I'm so happy working there- everything is great. I currently work fully remotely. Unfortunately I have just found our that MD has decided everyone must now be in the office 50% of the time. I am 2 hours from the office, and I have an elderly relative who needs care, which fits in perfectly with my hours while working from home.

I am wanting to try and negotiate, but it seems like it's not going to be possible- it is a company wide policy change with changes to our contracts, and I haven't even passed my probation.

I'm really worrying, I can't be unemployed as I am financially supporting my family member as well, however I can't actually do the job if I can't negotiate.

I'm also really worried as I have a short stint at another job on my CV (9 months!) Before returning to my old employer for another year as I had a breakdown (so total 3 years at old employer, 2, then nine months in horrible job, then another year back.) I feel I won't even get an interview now as I'll have two jobs held for under a year in a really short period, which is very unusual in my industry, the first 9 month stint was commented on at every interview before i got dream job. I was hoping to be in this job until I retired.

Any advice?

OP posts:
HolyFuckerRooney · 16/05/2023 13:29

What does your contract say ?

cocksstrideintheevening · 16/05/2023 13:36

What's in your contract?

codegeass · 16/05/2023 15:54

I think you should present the situation as is, given how remote work is the only option available to you atm. Of course, I agree with the other comments about reviewing the terms of the contract, but sometimes things CAN work out unexpectedly

underneaththeash · 16/05/2023 17:35

When do you pass probation? It might be worth not mentioning it yet, so that your notice period is a bit longer. Then when they ask, you can say that you were trying every possible alternative to try and make it work before deciding that you couldn’t.

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