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Complaining about Health Visitors in Derby

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CathiBee · 16/05/2023 12:56

Here is the following information on how to complain about the Health Visitors. This is simple the managers name is Mrs Susan Ernshaw and she has an email and telephone number to contact her.

I will provide details if you message me.

The second approach is to complain to the Nursing and Midwife Council. These women are trained nurses and come under this governing body.

The third approach is to complain to the Ombudsman once the other two have been completed.

You must exhaust all options to get the Ombudsman to deal with your complaint.

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Whereisthesummer · 16/05/2023 13:12

is there more background to this or is it in response to something? Asking with interest as was in derby living up til a few months ago and used the maternity and health visitor services up until leaving so wondering what the issues are you are giving complaints Information out about?


CathiBee · 16/05/2023 14:00
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CathiBee · 10/07/2023 00:22

What I can disclose is that the Family Health Visitors in Derby are governed by Derby City Council as this was told to me by the Health Ombudsman so because of this you have to complain about the Derby City Council partnership to the local ombudsman.

I believe that this is a partnership of some kind and as such Children's Services can work more closely with the local authority and with your local GP.
This is why if you refuse to let these Health Visitors in your home you get a social worker knocking on your door.

This is not a compulsory service and you can go through the proper way and get it stopped providing there are no concerns.

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CathiBee · 10/07/2023 21:07

Council of Governors

The Trust’s Council of Governors consists of 16 elected public and staff governors, alongside representatives from local partners and councils (known as appointed governors), totalling 28 members.

They meet four times a year in public which Trust members are welcome to observe. They also meet twice a year with the Trust Board.
For more information on all the Trust's governors visit the meet your governor page.  

Complaining about Health Visitors in Derby
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Stressfordays · 10/07/2023 21:09

You absolutely do not get social workers knocking on your door if you refuse health visitors in Derby. I refused from my first child being 2, including refusing them for my 2nd and 3rd child. No social worker ever knocked on my door.

CathiBee · 12/07/2023 01:29

This would depend on what they are actually trying to stir up about the parents or child or children. These women are allowed a professional opinion and this gets written on your medical records but you have to ask your GP practice for full access to your medical records. They cannot refuse you this access under the Data Protection Act. I have spoken to the ICO over this matter so I am informing you all of the correct information. You even request the Health Visitors notes and even your Hospital records.

This is all I am going to say on the subject.

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