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Is it normal for Y6s to be this grumpy?

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PizzazzRoxyStorma · 16/05/2023 09:16

I thought it was the SATS that were making DS stressed and angry - but they are over now and he is still a cross between Victor Meldrew and Rik from the Young Ones.

He had to write his bit for the school leavers book this morning and was furious. He says he hates school, he has no happy memories to share, he won't miss anything about it, the teachers are all awful and so are the other kids. (This doesn't ring true with his experiences.)

I get the Y6s are done now, and maybe they just want to finish up and move on. I get that puberty is circling. But is it normal to be this grumpy aged 11?

Even Kevin the Teenager was a happy wee chappie until his 13th birthday!

OP posts:
PenelopeTitsDrop3121 · 16/05/2023 09:18

My 11 year old has moments like this too. A mix of hormones and she also hates her teacher. They all do. She's so ready for secondary school now.

NewNovember · 16/05/2023 09:20

if you put them through school and SATS then yes.

Newyeardietstartstomorrow · 16/05/2023 09:23

Mine were. By the time y6 was over my eldest in particular had fallen out with all of their friends because everyone, including her, seemed to be tired, stressed and grumpy. If you think this is bad, wait until years 10 and 11.

FatAgain · 16/05/2023 09:25

According to my sons year 6 teacher….. they’re all at each other throats by summer term, combination of hormones restlessness and sheer boredom.

mybestchildismycat · 16/05/2023 09:25

Following with interest. My year 6 DS is quite grumpy and negative, and looking back he has been since returning to school after the pandemic, although it's been more noticeable of late. I think he's quite anxious underneath and the grumpiness is a kind of mask. By contrast by his older siblings (Y10 and Y8) are generally cheerful and even tempered, despite being teens, so I'm at a bit of a loss. I do think he's grown out of primary school and feels a bit left behind his siblings, so I hope the move to secondary is positive for him, although of course there is always the worry that it won't be a smooth transition.

How long has your DS been like this OP?

StillWantingADog · 16/05/2023 09:27

Well my year 5 son is heading that way. My friend with older sons tells me with optimism that they all go through it….but generally come out the other end 🤞
her previously very grumpy and obnoxious 10-11 yo is now a fine young man at 16.

OnMyWayToSenility · 16/05/2023 09:46

It's quite scary experience for yr 6 as they are going to be small fish in a big pond at secondary school. They spread all sorts of rumours around about how awful it is! He may just be being brave and pretending he's over it when actually he might be a bit apprehensive about what's coming?

Honestly yr 8,9,10's don't bother with them, but they do look quite intimidating to a yr6

crispycrisps · 16/05/2023 10:11

It's the mix of hormones, growing up, new school and now the added pressure the schools put round SATs. It used to just be here's a test to do now it's revise for SATS, extra lessons for SATS, so much pressure to be better. It's awful.

CaramelicedLatte · 16/05/2023 10:43

Pretty much! What nobody told me about boys, is that the hardest part is usually 11-13ish. Once they get to 13 or 14 they tend to mellow a bit, and by 15/16 they are, generally, a total delight.

DS1 was a grumpy, miserable git at 11. He's now 15 and a joy to be around. He's funny, hard-working, doesn't take himself too seriously and engages in regular volunteering.

DS2 is 11 and we're definitely getting the grumps! He has ASD though, so he's not quite as miserable as his brother was at the same age, because he is developmentally a bit younger than his chronological age.

Hang in there, OP, it gets better.

reluctantbrit · 16/05/2023 11:50

DD is in Y11 and I do remember the Y6 grumpyness.

She had friendship issues, I think they all just were fed up with each other after 7 years being together.

They still had their residential in June to look forward to and it was fun but in a way the whole "leavers" stuff with book, play, activities was just too much hype and added to it as well.

She perked up beginning of July when they had their Y7 induction day and she saw a light at the end of the tunnel for a new start.

JaneBeyre · 16/05/2023 12:03

I am getting moments of real grumpiness with my 12 yo they seem to come out of nowhere, which I put down to hormones, and he has said he's sick of everyone in his class and hates his teacher.

My younger one seems to be more the catastrophising hates everyone no good memories kind of kid - I think I'm just the sounding board because it doesn't fit in with what I see at school where he appears to enjoy it at times.

Mossstitch · 16/05/2023 12:42

Yeah, normal! By Yr 6 they are past enjoying primary school, feels too young for them so everything begins to irritate. Summer hols they are grumpy because anxious re secondary school, then pressures of the change in pace/work expected of them plus hormones kicking in! I only have experience of boys but they come out of it........eventually and turn into nice, normal human beings😂

Figgygal · 16/05/2023 12:47

Mine is very temperamental too but hes had a lot on
Can't wait for him to leave tbh
His friends are crap to him
Hes been bullied to extent we had to get police involved
Hes got suspected neurodiversity which no-one is helping with and his teacher has no time for

Trying to give him some slack but its hard

PizzazzRoxyStorma · 16/05/2023 15:12

Ah, so my son isn't the only one! Thanks all - misery loves company I guess, because you've all made me feel better Grin

OP posts:
OhBling · 16/05/2023 15:15

DS was a MONSTER. His teacher said they're all nightmares and hormonal, especially the boys!!!

We're now well into the pre-teen obnoxiousness (year 7), but it's not as unpleasant as the year 6 "everything is awful" phase!

stuffnthings · 16/05/2023 16:04

Definitely noticed a change in the last few months in my Yr6; you can tell they are all growing up, ready(ish) for the next phase of their lives.

DiscoStusMoonboots · 16/05/2023 17:09

FatAgain · 16/05/2023 09:25

According to my sons year 6 teacher….. they’re all at each other throats by summer term, combination of hormones restlessness and sheer boredom.

That's definitely my experience as a Year 6 teacher. Mine have learned the subtle art of the side-eye now - cue tears and friendship tantrums on the daily.

Totally standard for this time of the school year.

YukoandHiro · 16/05/2023 17:13

Sorry OP that made me laugh because that's full on Kevin the teenager behaviour.
This is just puberty and I'm sure its exhausting to live with but it's going to go on for ages.

YukoandHiro · 16/05/2023 17:13

NewNovember · 16/05/2023 09:20

if you put them through school and SATS then yes.


Hellocatshome · 16/05/2023 17:16

DS1 was like that as soon as SATS were over he felt like he had outgrown primary school and didn't want anything to do with it anymore. It was all boring and stupid. I suppose it's good in a way as shows they are ready for that next step.

LER83 · 16/05/2023 18:16

Yes my year 6 dd's favourite word for the past 6 months has been 'meh'! Big fallings out with her friends, they are all going to different secondaries so she can't be bothered with them, and she is just done with primary school! She has an elder ds already at the secondary school she is going to, and he had great delight in telling her that they don't have to write cursive, can eat what they want at break and lunch, can wear nail varnish etc, whereas she can't do any of that at primary so she just thinks what's the point of doing it now! I'm sure there will be lots more dramas in year 7, but I'll be glad when she leaves primary!

turnthetoiletpaperroundproperly · 16/05/2023 18:23

I collect my Yr 6 DD everyday and the look on her face when she walks round the corner to the car is priceless.I know the moment I see her its going to be a long night!! She hates everyone and everything, me included some days! All the girls in her class are falling out in heaps and the boys are just silly. This year is a nightmare All the kids seem fed up and ready to fly the primary nest. I thought I was the only one this thread has made me feel so much better!

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