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Do I want a daith or a tragus piercing?

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BiffChipsandKippers · 15/05/2023 23:29

Have always loved the look of a teeny tiny sparkler on the tragus, been lusting after a piercing for a long time.

Now also considering daith as have started to suffer terrible headaches every few weeks.

My preference is for subtle, small, sparkly jewellery and I really don't want a bar in for months...

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JohnNutLips · 16/05/2023 00:13

Tragus was a pain in the bum to heal for me, as were my helix/forward helix. It got caught on everything and knocked in my sleep - really difficult to heal properly and the slightest thing would set it off. My daith has been fine - although it took a while to heal it never gets knocked as it’s protected by my ear. I ended up taking all mine out apart from my daith as they were too much hassle.

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