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Hand hold/come keep me company please?

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Opplesandbononos · 14/05/2023 21:48

My best friend is in surgery, i don't live near her so im just waiting. I'll call the recovery ward every now and then but I'm on my own and worrying.

Can you keep me company? Distraction? Anything please

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bossybloss · 14/05/2023 21:50

Would love to keep you company but off to bed soon. Tell us about your friend. How do you know her?

Opplesandbononos · 14/05/2023 21:55

Thank you. Id usually be going to bed too!

She's amazing, we met in a womans refuge and instantly became friends, this was is 2019 and weve been best friends since. Shes younger than me, and needed guidance and we just clicked. She's my best friend, my soul mate and i love her to bits.

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bloodywhitecat · 14/05/2023 21:55

I took my little one to the park today, usually there isn't much there that they can play on as they have no head or trunk control but this park had one of those bounce pads. I took them out of their wheelchair and laid them on the pad then bounced. The laughter that ensued was magical and made several other people in the park look and smile.

Did they give you any indication of how long the surgery is likely to take?

Opplesandbononos · 14/05/2023 21:59

Oh thats lovely. I know they're trying to make more accessible parks found my area. My kids have additional needs and its so important theyre included.

She went down about 6 and she's still in surgery. I thought she should be out by now. Ill call again at half 10.

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CoffeeLover90 · 14/05/2023 22:01

How lucky she is to have a friend like you ❤
Hoping she recovers well.
Is there anyone keeping you updated?

@Opplesandbononos that made me smile, glad little one had fun with mum.

My 3 year old patted my belly today and informed me 'it's bouncing. Bouncy, bounce' I love the cheeky little character he's turning into. But in that moment I was a little sad. Didn't stop me having pizza for tea though.

Opplesandbononos · 14/05/2023 22:06

Im her NOK at the hospital so its me thats phoning.

Ive offered for her to come and stay with me whilst she recovers and I'll keep her child entertained so she can rest.

My son did that the other day haha, kids hey?!

OP posts:
Opplesandbononos · 14/05/2023 22:35

She's out of surgery and in recovery. Still asleep but she'll be taken back up to the ward when she's ready.

Can't wait to hear from her

OP posts:
Hungryfrogs23 · 14/05/2023 22:36

Great news op 🙂 I'm glad she's out of surgery. She is so lucky to have a wonderful friend like you 💗

CoffeeLover90 · 14/05/2023 22:37

Glad to hear she's out the operation, that's so nice giving her and her dc somewhere to rest

Opplesandbononos · 14/05/2023 22:45

Can't wait to speak to her.

Of course, I'll happily look after them. She can have my bed, ive even got a hospital table that goes over the bed.

OP posts:
bloodywhitecat · 14/05/2023 22:47

Glad she's out, I hope her recovery is smooth and easy

Houseplantmad · 14/05/2023 22:48

Great update. What a lovely friend you are.

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