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Um, I'm 37 so dont laugh but...

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BearMama · 10/02/2008 20:09

When I was about 9 my Dad gave away all my toys to the Sick Kids Hospital. I think this is too young and to this day I still wonder where Ribena (a big purply toy) is, and Tarka (an otter) but the the one I really miss is my Soo puppet (from Sooty and Sweep) There is a pic of me and my Mum somewhere, and I'm holding Soo.
I know I cant get the original back but can you still get hold of these? (I'm guessing not) I'd like one for my daughter when she's born.
DP, bless him, bought me a Steiff bear and a new Tarka, both of which DD will enjoy.

OP posts:
LadyOfWaffle · 10/02/2008 20:13

have you tried ebay?

BearMama · 10/02/2008 20:38

I havent actually, will go and look.

OP posts:
BearMama · 10/02/2008 20:43

Yay, there is one! Its from 2000 tho. I suppose its a bit unreasonable to want to find one from 1973?

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KnickersOnMaHead · 11/02/2008 08:51

Message withdrawn

BearMama · 11/02/2008 11:01

Aw thanks KOMH he's a cutie aint he? (melt)

OP posts:
Threadworm · 11/02/2008 11:04

with your dad. My mum gave away my Scarecrow plate and my Weetabix Book of Birds.

Anyone got those?

I still have my Ribena Bear (named for the colour of his nose)from circa 1967. But you can't have him. I would hyperventilate if he left home.

moljam · 11/02/2008 11:04

i loved sooty and sweep!i went to see them at the theatre when i was little!i had sooty and my sister had soo.i think shes probably not got her now though!hope you find one.

BearMama · 13/02/2008 15:45

Threadworm and moljam. I would never dream of asking for your Bear. But do you have a pic you could post. I cant remember what my Ribena looked like. I dont think he was a bear, but that could just be me.
moljam if your sis does have Soo could she also send a pic? Would help me look. Ta X

OP posts:
moljam · 13/02/2008 20:44

after reading this thread the other day i phoned my sister-unfortunatly she doesnt have it any more!i'll ask my mum if we have any pics any where.i cant think ive ever seen one though. hope you find one

horsemadgal · 14/02/2008 19:30

There's a few Sue puppets on ebay, one here

BearMama · 15/02/2008 20:57

Thanks moljam and horsemadgal - I am avidly watching some on ebay.

OP posts:
Lollypopzmummy · 21/03/2008 17:37

Aw you know what you've reminded me that i used to have a Soo puppet when I was younger too, don't know where it is now though (it had a little hole in the shoulder so you might not have wanted it anyway) I'm rambling, ignore me! lol

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