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Alexa - what do you ask yours?

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LookItsMeAgain · 06/02/2023 13:54

Just wondering what do you ask your Alexa to do or play or whatever for you?

I was given one as a Christmas present and I use it to play radio stations that my FM radio can't play.

I don't have smart plugs so I can't get it to turn on lights or anything yet.

What else can I get mine to do?

OP posts:
Justmeandthedog1 · 14/02/2023 10:48

Weather forecast
Question of the Day quiz
Reads Audible books
Plays obscure music from my youth!

liveforsummer · 14/02/2023 10:56

You could well be able to change the tap from snooze to stop in the settings? However surely your voice for 2 words , spoken softly is no more disturbing than the actual alarm?

HerNameIsIncontinentiaButtocks · 14/02/2023 11:37

We use the OurGroceries app on our phones (it's on android and iphone) and "Alexa ask our groceries to add anchovies" etc is probably the most used command in the kitchen. "Alexa set a timer for ten minutes" comes a close second.
We also have ours hooked up to the lights (Philips Hue) so "Alexa lights off" or "Alexa lounge lights on 100" or whatever.
Other than that, mostly asking her to play specific tunes or 'radio' channels.

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