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What slow cooker do you have?

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Pawport · 30/12/2022 09:14

Hi, I know I’m a million years late but I’m just thinking about getting a slow cooker. I’m so bored with the dinners we have over and over, I think I might be able to make some different things in a way that isn’t too difficult or time consuming.
If you love your slow cooker, which one do you have please?
Would also love to know, in general, if a slow cooker has made life easier. Has anyone not got on with one?
Thanks :)


We can see this thread is a few months old now, but if you’ve landed here looking for recommendations, we’ve recently updated our best slow cooker page with lots of great options, as recommended by Mumsnet users – we hope you find it useful. Flowers

OP posts:

Stellaris22 · 30/12/2022 13:28

Sage Fast Slow Pro. Mainly use it for slow cooking but the pressure cooker function is useful too. We steam vegetables and it can be used to brown meat with the sear and sauté function, love ours and gets used most days. We make rice in it too.


Wantingtomove123 · 30/12/2022 13:36

Instant pot. It’s so useful. Has many functions.


Paddingtonsmarmlade · 30/12/2022 13:50

Instant pot. I do far more slow cooked stuff now I can sear the meat/fry the onions in the same pot and then switch over to slow cook mode. So if you don’t want an instant pot I’d recommend getting a slow cooker with this feature or a hob proof liner that you can use on your hob first.


ouch321 · 30/12/2022 13:59

Crockpot DuraCeramic.

It's excellent- circa £100.

Can be used on the hob, in the oven and the fridge freezer so I sometimes use it for par boiling potatoes for example.

As it is ceramic cleaning is a doddle.

Got loads of 5 star reviews on Amazon too.


wherearebeefandonioncrisps · 30/12/2022 19:26

I do wonder that slow cooker detractors aren't using them correctly.


SamphirethePogoingStickerist · 31/12/2022 09:13

I thought that a few times. Watery, tasteless?

That has to be misunderstanding the way to 'slow' a normal recipe. DSis does something similarly daft when she doesn't double check a recipe that is slow cooking on a hob or oven. She regularly forgets to reduce the amount of liquid. She blames the sloco and then doesn't believe me when I feed her a sloco dish that is unctuous and thick.

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