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Is this pms?

Pmsfml · 23/09/2022 18:47

Up until the last 6 months or so I've never had any noticeable pms symptoms (and very smug I was too). I'm now 40 and the week before my last few periods has been dreadful! This week I've been grumpy, teary, anxious and generally low mood. Today I woke up feeling incredibly jittery and with an pending sense of doom or like I'd forgotten something important. Headache, nausea and massive brain fog. I needed to ask ds teacher a question after school and forgot what I wanted to ask, panicked and then almost burst into tears.

A few hours ago the brain fog finally lifted, I started to feel better and lo and behold, aunt flo has arrived. Is this it from now on? Am I going to turn into a weeping, grumpy mess once a month?

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