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OMG I still can't decide on which slow cooker HELP

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GoingCrockPot · 03/09/2022 14:54

I am desperate for a slow cooker when my teens go back to school/ us at work so we can come home to yummy dinners.

I just cannot decide on one. Please help.


1)I need it to be digital so it can turn itself on and off.
2)It needs to fit a joint of meat so I can do Sunday roasts. So, it needs to be at least 6L
3)As above, I need leftovers, so need it to be at least 6L
4) I need to be able to sear the meat, onions etc. on an induction hob

I really like the Crockpot DuraCeramic, but it is only 5L. It is not big enough. If it were 6 or 6.5L I would have bought it by now. There is a similar Lakeland one which is bigger, but it gets poor reviews.

I am thinking, do I need to compromise on stage 4? Do I just need to suck it up and sear meat and veg in a pan beforehand?


We can see this thread is slightly old now, but if you’ve landed here looking for the slow cookers Mumsnet users love, we’ve recently updated our best slow cooker page with lots of great options, plus advice on selecting the right one for your family – we hope you find it useful. Flowers

OP posts:
MrsPelligrinoPetrichor · 03/09/2022 14:56

I've never seared meat, it makes no difference.

Why does it need to be digital, you can buy a timer for the plug?

It's good to get a big one as you can batch cook and freeze so 6 litre is a good size.

LittleMissLaundry · 03/09/2022 15:01

I have an instant pot. It has a slow cooker function, a saute function for frying onions/garlic, pressure cooker, and a load of other things I'd never use like yogurt maker, soup settings, etc.

Its awesome as a slow cooker, rice cooker, and pressure cooker.

They are often on sale during amazon black friday so if you can hold off for another month or two then do that

CaptainBeakyandhisband · 03/09/2022 15:15

Our slow cooker has just broken and I too need to make this decision. Everyone seems to be going for the ninja foodi because of the air fryer but it’s £££

abovedecknotbelow · 03/09/2022 15:24

I've got a morphy richards one that you can seat in. Gave up on that long ago - no need. Just get one that's big enough for what you want. Mine is 6l and easily fits a whole chicken or a joint of meat. They're all much of a muchness really.

abovedecknotbelow · 03/09/2022 15:24


littlefireseverywhere · 03/09/2022 15:26

I’ve got a £10 slow cooker from Tesco years ago, really basic, big & only has on off it low or high & works perfectly. Never needed a timer, just add stuff on low?

Allthegoodnamesarechosen · 03/09/2022 15:30

Simpler the better for these things. Much better to use a timer as PPhas said, less to go wrong ( though do remember to turn the cooker on as well as the timer or you will come back to an uncooked dinner …whoops 😧)

i always put two layers of kitchen foil under the lid as it is not very tight fitting

GoingCrockPot · 03/09/2022 17:43

Sod it, I've just bought the 6.5L Lakeland one. I can't dither over it any more.

OP posts:
MrsPelligrinoPetrichor · 03/09/2022 18:03

Congratulations 👏

pogostickplastique · 03/09/2022 18:08

I've just bought the Russell Hobbs 8in1 cooker and I love it.
Cooks rice to perfection. I can roast, boil, steam, sear, keep warm and slow cook etc.

And it can go straight to table to serve and go in dishwasher. Also twice the capacity of my old slow cooker and on offer on Amazon

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