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My neighbour stole my wheelie bin.....

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handonheartt · 31/08/2022 17:05

So I moved into a property (HA) last week.
They said they had a blue bin ordered for me and it should arrive this week.
Yesterday I got home and a a evri card was pushed through "left bin with neighbour number 11 "
Now bare in my mind the bins are next to the front doors of property (and why couldn't he just put bin there)
So knock on door and he said "nope no bin here"
Yet there's a nice shiny new bin in his bin space.

I mean how ridiculous

OP posts:
Hopeandlove · 31/08/2022 17:08

Just take it and label it the brand new one and then tell him you have the card and the bar code - end of

watcherintherye · 31/08/2022 17:13

Report your missing bin and order another one from the council. We’ve just done that for our black recycling box which went missing after the last collection. The lid was left, though!

AssignedSlytherinAtBirth · 31/08/2022 17:13

Take it, put your house number on it, and turn it upside down and put your number on the bottom, too. After my bin has twice gone missing I have suspicions but couldn't prove anything. Am currently waiting for a new bin and will be able to prove it's mine by turning it upside down - even if full of their crap

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