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Just tell me which air fryer to buy!

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Whyismycatanasshat · 24/07/2022 20:20

I want one that has a removable basket so I can lift and dump chips etc out and I need to cook for a family of 4!
I am driving myself mad researching!


This thread is a little old now so some of the suggestions may be out of date, but if you’ve landed here looking for recommendations, we’ve recently updated our best air fryer page with lots of great options for families that Mumsnet users love. We hope you find it useful. Flowers

OP posts:

stillvicarinatutu · 30/07/2022 23:39



stillvicarinatutu · 30/07/2022 23:40

I want one but there only me so don't need a big family sized one


Drevere · 31/07/2022 02:07

We have had a few different brands over the years but our last was the Philips XXL. Was by far the best and I've just replaced it with a new updated XXL.


Itawapuddytat · 31/07/2022 02:08

Oooh good ideas here, I too am trying to decide which air fryer I want to buy.


Ladywiddio · 31/07/2022 02:19

This is the one I have,Ninja AF160UK Max Air Fryer.Only 2 to cook for,I love it,not used the oven at all since I bought it.

I also got a rack for it,it doesn’t come with it,got it from Ninja website.

There are FB pages full of advice and recipes.Cannot believe how versatile it is.


Supersee · 31/07/2022 10:35

I live on my own and the Cosori 5.5l is perfect. I'm glad I didn't get the smaller one.


Loginmystery · 31/07/2022 10:39

StopDrivingIntoMyFence · 24/07/2022 20:29

Ninja foodie grill/air fryer

I second this. Just bought it and very happy with it.


kazzikaz · 31/07/2022 10:43

Another vote for the cosori 5.5l. Family of three (one toddler) and we can get all of our food in it in one go. Very easy to clean and chips come out perfect in 15 mins. Much better than having to heat our gas oven!


Magnolia08 · 31/07/2022 12:39

I'm considering the cosori but wondering if it will be big enough for a family of 4 including hungry teens?

Also what do you cook in yours? Is it literally anything that can be cooked in the oven or limited to chips/burgers etc?

And also the one tray options can you cook more then one type of food at a time? If so how do you layer it up?

Lots of questions 🤣

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