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Fancy a cheap bird????

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whomovedmychocolate · 13/01/2008 21:47

A woman is looking to buy a parrot. At the pet shop she finds that all the parrots are priced at £1000, except one which is priced at £10.

"Why is that one so cheap?" asks the woman.

"It was rescued from a brothel," replies the shopkeeper.

"I'll take him'" says the woman, and hands over a tenner.

When she gets the parrot home, the bird chirps up with: "Ah! A new brothel!" The woman laughs.

Then, the woman's two young daughters come home from school, and the parrot chirps up with: "Good! Two new prossies!" The girls laugh.

Then, the husband comes home, and the bird says "Dave! Where the fuck have you been these past two weeks?"

OP posts:

chestnutty · 13/01/2008 21:51

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