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How to wash a pushchair from a dirty house?

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postpartumisnotfun · 25/05/2022 19:59

Just picked up a second hand pushchair icandy orange I had one before but wasn't about to spend a grand again on a new one.

Surprisingly the pushchair is in good condition however her house was absolutely disgusting. I can't believe she even had kids in there, very lovely lady though!

Now how do I wash it? It must be covered in germs I feel like chucking the whole thing in the bath to sit.

OP posts:
JessicaPeach · 25/05/2022 20:00

I always jet wash my prams. Most fabrics are machine washable too, including the hoods. Just google the model to check.

ProclivityForPyrotechnics · 25/05/2022 20:01

Get it dry cleaned?

MolliciousIntent · 25/05/2022 20:01

...if it's clean to look at and smell, I'd just wash the machine washable bits and then work on being a bit less uptight about "germs". Leave it outside for a few days.

Ylvamoon · 25/05/2022 20:01

Warm water with bio washing powder and a sponge.

Best way to wash all soft furnishings, so should work a treat on the pushchair!

mrsfoof · 25/05/2022 20:03

I'd just wash the fabrics in the washer with a bit of Dettol laundry liquid and hang on the line (UV light is naturally antibacterial).
Give the frame a good wash with a bucket of hot soapy water and hose off before leaving out to dry.

DinosaursEatMan · 25/05/2022 20:04

Scrub with hot water and detergent, leave in sun to dry, ours was regularly covered in mud and chocolate

postpartumisnotfun · 25/05/2022 20:12

Thanks everyone Smile

OP posts:
Timide · 25/05/2022 20:22

Take it to a car wash and ask for a quick rinse. Treat with carpet and seat fabric cleaner for stains. These are just some options

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