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Help me with travel games, please?

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RedPandaFluff · 18/04/2022 08:06

DD (aged 2), DH and I are going on holiday this week. DD will be in bed by 7.30-8pm so DH and I need something to do in the evenings . . . something enjoyable, fun, lighthearted, as the toddler years have taken their toll on our relationship; if I'm honest, I think I'm pinning my hopes on reconnecting during this holiday, we've drifted so far apart.

We're staying in a hotel but our room has a two rooms (via a room divider) and balcony, so DH and I can sit on the balcony with a drink in the evenings while DD sleeps. But, what to do?! So far I've bought a mini version of Jenga, travel Monopoly, travel Scrabble and travel Connect4, and I'll bring playing cards too, but I would love suggestions for other things we can do!

Obviously I'm hoping we will end up chatting and getting to know each other again, and ordinarily games wouldn't be my thing, but I think we need some diversions to help us pass the time!

OP posts:
FrightorFlight · 18/04/2022 08:16

We always take uno with us when we go away. The teenagers now end up sitting with us to play it!

Krabapple · 18/04/2022 08:48

Can’t you put her in the pram and go out for a while? We used to do that abroad.

Notacottish · 18/04/2022 08:53

I hear you. Those early years are tough on a relationship. We love Bananagrams. Have a lovely holiday.

RedPandaFluff · 18/04/2022 09:12

Uno added to basket, thanks @FrightorFlight.

I'm talking about the evenings when she's in bed, @Krabapple - after 8pm. Do you mean put her in her pram while she's sleeping and take her out at night? I didn't really think about doing that. I guess if she passes out in her pram when we're already out, I'd be happy enough to stay out, there wouldn't be a rush back.

I've not heard of Bananagrams, @Notacottish - will have a look, thanks.

OP posts:
FrightorFlight · 18/04/2022 09:22

Just adding that when we took dd1 away for the first time she was a similar age and I ended up sat in the hotel room on my own when she got tired because I was so anxious about messing up her bedtime routine! Dh and his parents were a bit Confusedabout how rigid I was about it all. By the time we had dd2 I was a bit more relaxed about it and she did some pram naps when we walked up to the harbour in the evenings whilst on holiday. She had been so full on during the day that by the evening she would be flat out in her pram. X

teaandtoest · 18/04/2022 09:36

Agree with pp, we used to feed dd then take her out in pram at bedtime and have a lovely meal together whilst she slept. You could try that once or twice, and enjoy the games the other evenings. We enjoy card games so no new suggestions I'm afraid. Hope you have a lovely holiday.

Fivemoreminutes1 · 18/04/2022 09:51

Pass The Pigs and the More or Less card game

RedPandaFluff · 18/04/2022 11:58

You know, I just assumed we would be trapped in the hotel room from DD's bedtime onwards, but we should absolutely stick her in her pram and let her fall asleep! She's a pretty good sleeper and I'm not rigid about her routine so that could be fine.

Oh I've not heard of More or Less, thank you Smile

OP posts:
NannyR · 18/04/2022 12:00

Another vote for bananagrams - it's like a faster, more fun version of scrabble.

RedPandaFluff · 18/04/2022 15:46

Bananagrams purchased Grin

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HowIsItMarchAlready · 18/04/2022 16:21


Shortbreadselection · 18/04/2022 16:24


Krabapple · 18/04/2022 22:23

I meant just be a bit more relaxed about bed times. Like a pp said maybe go out to eat 7ish & let her have sleep in her pram while you have a walk round the harbour etc & just transfer her to bed when you get in. Only seems to work abroad and it didn’t mess things up long term with sleep routines.

Gagaton · 22/08/2022 20:01

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purplecorkheart · 22/08/2022 20:04

Are games his thing either? Sorry you mentioned that they are not yours. Are they not going to just add extra pressure.

Moonopoly · 22/08/2022 20:09

Jungle speed and dobble are both great games

Carrie76 · 22/08/2022 20:12

Skyjo is a great game

Gagaton · 27/08/2022 15:37

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