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Tips for staying warm

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picklemewalnuts · 02/04/2022 15:24

So, not a competitive misery thread. Not a political thread. Just a list of things we do- or did routinely in 70's- that keep us warmer when we don't want to put heating on.

I've got long sleeved fingerless gloves from Amazon. Like socks. Cheap as chips and I can't believe how much warmer my hands- indeed all of me- are when I'm at the computer.
Shutting doors- keep heat in the room it's meant for, using the radiator valve thing to control how hot that room is. Maybe bedrooms don't need to be heated, if you only sleep in it. A hot water bottle/electric blanket may be all you need.
Hang tomorrow's clothes/tonight's PJs on the radiator. A warm pair of undercrackers is one of life's under estimated pleasures.
Fluffy socks and croc type shoes as slippers. By far the cheapest and warmest solution- the soles stop scold coming up through the floor.

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