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How do I stop buying unhealthy food?

14 replies

Speckled1010 · 14/03/2022 19:15

I am trying to keep my diet as healthy as possible but when I am in the supermarket, I can't help buying a few items of unhealthy food. Any tips on how to stop buying junk food?

OP posts:

StringFellow · 14/03/2022 19:16

Do you have a clear list of what you need to buy, meals and snacks etc planned out?

Can you avoid those aisles and literally not look? And finally make sure you’re full and not at all hungry when you go!!


RAOK · 14/03/2022 19:17

Could you do your food shop online?


biggreenhouse · 14/03/2022 19:17

going shopping straight after dinner so u are already full helps me. if I shop when hungry it's awful!


WutheredOut · 14/03/2022 19:17

Eat before you go also decide on one treat that you will buy yourself to eat in the car on the way home

It just needs to be healthy ish and something tasty that you can look forward to immediately


PierresPotato · 14/03/2022 19:21

I don't go down a whole load of the aisles.
This keeps me away from a majority of the temptation.
I shop when I've eaten, I have a list which follows for a rough meal plan with snack food that's healthier included.


PierresPotato · 14/03/2022 19:21

Good luck it takes time to change habits.


dangermouseisace · 14/03/2022 19:22

If they're not on the list, don't buy them. I have a list on my phone that I tick soon as list is complete I go to pay, and that's it.

I try to make our “unhealthy” things as they are more healthy and the children tend to be more self controlled. If a packet of biscuits is 41p then they're not bothered about demolishing it...if I've made biscuits they eek them out a bit more/they are more satisfying as better ingredients.


MrsTerryPratchett · 14/03/2022 19:22

Online shop.

Or have one 'space' on the shopping list. You want ice cream? Fine. You also want crisps? Put the ice cream back.


DogandMog · 14/03/2022 19:23

Stick to the perimeter aisles of the store, just the fresh fruit and veg and meat/dairy sections. Exception permitted for the laundry and cleaning products aisle.


PersephonePomegranate · 14/03/2022 19:25

Meal plan and stick to your list. Plan your route around the supermarket to avoid the aisles with foods you are susceptible to. Never shop when hungry, tired or emotional (maybe not all that practical, I'd probably never do any shopping 😂).


RampantIvy · 14/03/2022 19:29

  1. Make a list and stick to it. Try and write it in order so that all the veg are together, the meat/fish are together etc then you only go down those aisles.

2. Never shop when you are hungry - honestly it makes a huge difference.

3. Don't go doen the aisles that sell foods that will tempt you.

WellTidy · 14/03/2022 19:32

I’m going to go against the grain and say not to deny yourself a little of what you want. But just to try to really limit it instead.


SuperSocks · 14/03/2022 19:34

I always but masses of crap if I shop hungry. So eat before you go, or buy online. Use cash, or a debit card with a minimal amount on, so you can't go too overboard on unnecessaries?


GreyCarpet · 14/03/2022 19:45

Er... just don't go down the aisles. Don't pick the stuff up. Don't put it in your trolley.

I make a list and then only go to the aisles i need - vegetables, meat, dairy, household stuff. I literally don't walk down any of the others.

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