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What items have you switch to own brand to save money?

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TedOnTheBed · 04/03/2022 12:37

I shop online at Asda and have noticed a trend that each week items are increasing in price by 5p-25p sometimes even more. So which branded items have you down graded to own brand or budget version that have been as good? I buy a lot of branded products out of habit and my weekly shop has increased between £20-£45 a week depending on if Its the week I need washing powder, softener, dishwasher tablets, toilet rolls etc etc. I am interested in own brand versions of food products, cleaning stuff, washing stuff and toiletries.

OP posts:
earsup · 04/03/2022 18:38

Only buy nice eggs from waitrose...with the blue shells and proper fairy liquid...the aldi and lidl liquid is now hopeless....used to be ok.

MyDcAreMarvel · 04/03/2022 18:42

£257! For a family of five, you need to go on of those tv shows that’s ridiculous.

GreatFlyingPolarBears · 04/03/2022 18:44

Sure deodorant to Aldi. Saving £££.

BIWI · 04/03/2022 19:00

Sanex shower gel - in Sainsbury's £2.00
Lacura shower gel - in Aldi 89p

They're in pretty much exactly the same bottle.

We use stuff for sensitive skin, and the Aldi one has always been fine.

Invasionofthegutsnatchers · 04/03/2022 19:01

@TedOnTheBed punnets of fruit are expensive. I only buy them as a treat now. I buy 4 packs of 6 Rosedene farms (tesco) apples, 2 vagsbof bananas and a bag of oranges for the week. Plus a bag of imperfect carrots. All comes to about £6.

If you shop with tesco search for aldi in the search bar. All the aldi price match items come up. The basics ranges eg stockwell (store cupboard), ms molly (sweet things), veg (growers harvest) and dairy (creamfields) are just as good as branded versions. Very cheap. I do spend more on decent quality meat though.

Last week's shop was £75 for a family of 4 including packed lunches, cleaning products and toiletries.

ToPlayOrNotToPlay · 04/03/2022 19:01

Weetabix asda and aldi taste better than branded I think
Rice crispness can't taste the difference
If you have costco membership Kirkland toilet paper
Frozen veg taste the same branded or own brand
Jam prefer aldis to branded

Invasionofthegutsnatchers · 04/03/2022 19:03

Only mentioned carrots above as my kids snack on them as well as fruit. Obviously we buy veg too.

I like lidl so shop there if I have time but I'm working full time temporarily as a teacher which is realistically 60 hours per week. So tesco click and collect is convenient. Evening slots are 50p compared to up to £7 for weekend delivery.

MrsBlaue · 04/03/2022 19:11

Like many here, I absolutely do not buy branded. We shop Aldi and I will occasionally get bits from Asda or Tesco (Aldi don’t do tinned prunes, for example).
Rarely, when I fancy a treat, I will shop Waitrose fresh bakery for cupcakes or their ice cream and lollies, or caviar. Last time I had Waitrose cupcakes, I wasn’t overly impressed like I used to be. So their caviar remains the reasons I ever go.

Bagadverts · 04/03/2022 19:26

I’ll admit to buying quite a lot of brand just through habit. I don’t shop Aldi/Lidl as when I went in before the pack sizes were large. I can’t drive either to those would be taxi but can take bus free to Sainsburys or Asda.
Think I’ll try more own brands tomorrow shop.
Presumably there are quite a few people like me, maybe less as

Pp032 · 04/03/2022 20:02

Lidl ketchup is nicer than Heinz. ALDI ketchup is horrible.

stayathomer · 04/03/2022 20:21

Weetabix asda and aldi taste better than branded I think
I find the price of 'real' weetabix the most shocking of any groceries. How can anybody afford it let alone a family?! I think that's my marker for being rich!!!!

indiesearcher · 05/03/2022 09:34

Tesco big bag coffee beans, half the price of branded. Also Tesco super soft loo roll, there must be twice as much on a roll as Andrex.

D0lphine · 05/03/2022 09:40

I buy Aldi knock off version of literally everything! 🤣 including cleaning stuff and shampoo etc. saves a fortune and I would highly recommend!

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