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Best place for kids bike.

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FoamBurst · 07/02/2022 20:08

No luck with Halfords smyths or argos

Is there any good online places.
Dd age 3 wants a pink bike. 16 inch. She's very tall and her 14 inch is too small.
Doesn't need stabilisers so should be easier to narrow down.
Seen a website called e bikes or similar wasn't sure if any good?

OP posts:
BreakingUpWithMyPhone · 07/02/2022 20:22

There's a FB group called Family cycling UK - there's lots of good info on there re kids bikes. It's worth getting right as so many kids bikes are incredibly heavy.

FoamBurst · 07/02/2022 20:26

Thank you

OP posts:
3xmonsters · 07/02/2022 20:29

Buy a second hand isla bike or frog bike. They are expensive, but hold their value and kids can actually cycle on them!

seven7sisters · 07/02/2022 20:30

Decathlon have great bikes

NannyR · 07/02/2022 20:33

Can also recommend islabikes, a bit pricy but can be bought second hand and sold on when outgrown for not much less than what you paid for it. They are great bikes if you want your child to really enjoy cycling and use it as a mode of transport, rather than just a toy.
Have you looked into bike clubs where you rent each month and swap as they grow bigger?

Prestissimo · 07/02/2022 20:38
LateMumma · 07/02/2022 20:46

Frog are great

BreakingUpWithMyPhone · 07/02/2022 22:50

Another recommendation for Islabikes - I've always sold them on afterwards and so they didn't cost a lot in the end.

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