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Lego experts! Please tell me about Disney Lego?!

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Coolnewtrainers · 07/01/2022 12:17

DD (age 4) is desperate for some Disney Lego for her birthday and I’m clueless. I was never massively into Lego when I was a kid, and as she’s my first child this is our first foray into it..! I don’t want to spend heaps on something that is too complicated but she’s very into figures and loves playing with dolls houses, Sylvanian families etc, so I think she’d enjoy something with a few “people” (probably princesses let’s face it Grin) and something she could have a go at building herself.

Very very grateful for any advice or recommendations!

OP posts:
ehb102 · 07/01/2022 13:48

They do movie themed sets. My child had lots of Frozen ones. Get the age appropriate ones. They also do little books that are Lego sets with princesses for £20.

Legoisthebest · 07/01/2022 14:21

Does she have any particular favourite Disney characters? Lego do the Disney Princess range or currently there is a Mickey Mouse theme.
Several of the sets are 4+ (also known as Juniors) so they are very easy builds. I could probably recommend a set if she has a favourite character.

Fallagain · 07/01/2022 14:29

My 5 year old loves this

I would also get her a box of bricks and a couple of base boards.

HerRoyalNotness · 07/01/2022 14:31

My 4yo is after the encanto house as her next set

WeDontTalkAboutBruno · 07/01/2022 14:41

I have the castle, though thats definitely an adult set 😂

There is a new, smaller castle out now which is lovely as well as a cinderella carriage I keep meaning to buy to put in front of my big castle. The winnie the pooh set is also quite adorable.

Legoisthebest · 07/01/2022 14:47

HerRoyal I am getting the Encanto House this week (for meGrin) and I am ridiculously excited for it.
Possibly not one for a Lego beginner though.

Coolnewtrainers · 07/01/2022 20:57

Thank you so much for these fantastically useful replies!

@Fallagain that looks right up her street, and like the idea about bricks and base boards.

@Legoisthebest living up to your username Grin great tip about the ‘juniors’ range, thank you. She loves Frozen (Anna and Elsa) and Belle at the moment.. if there’s anything relating to these that you’d recommend?

I’ve been trying to remember what I had and the name finally came to me this evening - Fabuland! Just had a quick google and it turns out that WAS Lego!

OP posts:
Legoisthebest · 07/01/2022 21:10

Oh Fabuland is my ultimate Lego love. So sad you can't get it anymore - except from eBay etc where it's all rather expensive Sad

Coolnewtrainers · 07/01/2022 21:12

@Legoisthebest Yes, just been looking! My DD would love it too! Sad

OP posts:
StrictlyAFemaleFemale · 07/01/2022 21:18

We've bought an ikea billy bookshelf for dds lego. It almost fits 3 baseplates - you have to cut one line of dots off one plate and dh managed with kitchen scissors.

Only open one bag at a time.

Open bags onto a tray to keep all the pieces in one place while building.

KenAdams · 07/01/2022 21:21

Definitely the storybook adventures

AbsolCatly · 07/01/2022 21:23

DD (6) got the Frozen Lego books for Christmas, she loves them but they are a little fiddly as she is not the most dexterous of children - think polly pocket sized figures, smaller than standard Lego mini figures

Fab little play sets though :)

Legoisthebest · 07/01/2022 21:23

I am lucky to have kept my Fabuland. It's very precious and only comes out on special occasions !!
As for Disney Princess...there is a Frozen Ice Palace set but I don't think it's very exciting colours. I like these 2 (Frozen 2 and Little Mermaid). Nice and colourful with cute little accessories. Would be a good starting place for learning how to follow the instructions to build but then combined with a load of classic bricks she can have fun building whatever she wants.

Lego experts! Please tell me about Disney Lego?!
Lego experts! Please tell me about Disney Lego?!
Legoisthebest · 07/01/2022 21:26

I also love this Belle Castle. It's not a 4+ set so a bit more complicated building but it is half price in quite a few retailers and beautiful to look at !

Lego experts! Please tell me about Disney Lego?!
Bandol · 07/01/2022 21:46

My DD has an extensive collection of Disney Princess Lego that’s been amassed over several years. If you see a set you think she’d love but you think she’s too young or had enough new sets recently, buy it if you can afford it and put it to the side for a future birthday or Christmas. Sets retire so you can’t assume a set will be available in say three years when she’s bigger. The sets I would buy today are the Cinderella carriage and the Beauty and the Beast castle.

My DD also enjoys the Lego Disney Princess magazine which she got a subscription to from her grandparents.

MaybeAMoaner · 07/01/2022 21:51

We bought my 4yo the Disney Lego princess book sets and it is a big regret.
They all break to pieces and are very fiddly.
There is no play value in them.
She’s resorted to only playing with the mini figures out of them.

Fallagain · 08/01/2022 08:00

And if you are going to get more lego then get one of the draw string play mats/storage bags.

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