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Single parent leaving London. To move to Reading or Coventry?

Mil321 · 26/11/2021 11:57

Hi all!

Firstly, thank you to everyone on the Mumsnet chats for all your great advice. I've been using Mumsnet since my first child was born and feel that I really need some wise advice, so here goes:

I'm separating from my husband and I am trying to work out where I can afford to live. We can't afford 2 homes where we are at the moment, which is London, so we are leaving London.

My budget is £330,000. I am looking for 3 bedrooms for myself and children (1 in nursery, 1 in reception). My parents live in Maidenhead; I can only afford 2 bedroom flats in Maidenhead with no scope for extension. I have looked at Wokingham, and again, only 2 bedrooms are within my reach. Tbf, I can't see myself being able to afford to extend in the future as have a relatively low wage, so 3 bedrooms makes more sense.

I travel to Canary Wharf twice a week for work. Ideally I'd love somewhere near schools and public transport to London. Maximum commute time 1.5 hours.

It would be wonderful to be near my parents, although totally not the priority here; location to schools and public transport/access to London are the main considerations. I know Slough/Burnham/Taplow and do not wish to live in those places.

Could someone (especially single parents please!) advise me on Reading areas, and Coventry please (a long way from my parents, but I was recently applying to Medical School there until we separated, so kinda know the area and seems nice, and the commute seems doable!).

Not looking for advice regarding my relationship or separation; just on my move please. smile

Thank you kindly Mumsnetters! Star

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Luredbyapomegranate · 28/11/2021 09:15

… you could also look at places like Hastings, Reigate, Southend. I am sure you need to look at travel and schools carefully, but definitely places London families are moving out too, so while they can still be.. faded, I imagine they are moving up.

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