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Cold feet solutions

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Bumblebist · 24/11/2021 12:53

I feel the cold massively and work in and old building. I’m currently wearing m and s heat tech fleece thermal top thermal tights knitted woolen dress Hobbs knitted long coatigan over the knee leather boots sat near a radiator and have a hot water bottle. But no matter what my feet hurt and feel frozen they always do yesterday I had different boots on and thermal socks instead same problem. I’ve ordered some thermal insoles but are there any other suggestions that would help. Every year I freeze because of my feet

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Bumblebist · 24/11/2021 12:54

I used to wear Ugg’s would they work to help keep my feet warm

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JustSinginInTheRain · 24/11/2021 12:57

Sheepskin inserts for boots.
Cashmere socks.
You can get plug in heated cosy foot warmers!

Bellyups · 24/11/2021 13:01

Ugg’s look horrific, but they are the only things that keep my feet warm!!
If your office allows them, I’d wear them tbh

CMOTDibbler · 24/11/2021 13:12

Uggs would be better than smart leather boots, along with merino socks. If the cold strikes up from the floor, having your feet on a folded over towel/mat (or the foam tiles you get for kids to play on are great) will help. You could put a hot water bottle in the towel, or you can get plug in heat pads to help put heat into your feet

BrownOwlknowsbest · 24/11/2021 13:34

I have a pair of these // They really do the job and no batteries to replace

Bumblebist · 24/11/2021 14:48

Off to the shop after work to try some Ugg’s on

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Bumblebist · 24/11/2021 17:29

Now the new proud owner of some short Ugg’s

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altforvarmt · 24/11/2021 19:09

Are you allowed to plug things in at work? If you can, I'd recommend a heated floor mat. I'm WFH in an old cottage, where there is carpet, but it's on stone floors. It used to suck all the heat out of my feet, but the mat has been life hanging.

altforvarmt · 24/11/2021 19:09

*life changing!

cosmopolitanplease · 24/11/2021 19:11

I like these feet warmers, they're really good.

HotHands Foot Warmers - 5 Pairs - 8 hours of heat - Air activated - Ready to use, assorted, one size, 372-3988

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