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Birthday present for to be 7 year old

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Cupcakeschocolate · 04/11/2021 12:23

My ds is turning 7 in a few weeks and no idea what to get him. I obviously have asked him and all he said is a godzilla toy. I have said OK. But to be honest he doesn't really play with toys anymore! He likes the idea of it but when it comes to it he doesn't really play with them. He's more in to tech. He has a tablet and his brother has a switch which he uses. So I suggested a game. But he couldn't decide. Kids seem to have everything these days but he is still the age where he wants something to unwrap! I just don't want to be buying for plastic tat for the sake of it I'd I know he isn't going to play with it! I am staying away from consoles. A tablet and a switch is enough.

Any advice? He's into reading but I buy books as and when needed and it wouldn't be a gift as such

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Vanillaradio · 04/11/2021 13:39

My Ds's only request for his 7th birthday was "a toy helicopter that I can cuddleGrin" which wasn't the most helpful either!
Honestly if he likes Switch games and books I'd get him these. Ds has books all the time but still sees them as excellent presents! Good Switch games might be Mario Karts, Super Mario Party, (anything Super Mario as far as ds is concerned!) or Let's Go Pikachu or Minecraft.
Alternatively does he have a bike or scooter or need a bigger one?
Or how about one of the Super Mario lego sets?
Or one of those kits he can make himself like build the Solar System etc.
What has gone down well with Ds lately is Dr Oteker's science cupcake baking kits- so you get to eg make slime or jelly bubbles and eat cupcakes after!

Ilovechoc12 · 04/11/2021 14:09

I’m getting my boy a stake board as too much plastic in the hope he will play outside. Or a monster truck (Costco do fab ones) x

WhatonEarth1 · 04/11/2021 17:27

LED strip lights or Planetarium projector for his room
Board game
Kidizoom watch
Lockable diary
Money box

Macabroom · 04/11/2021 18:14

I'd get what he asked for, maybe it will encourage him away from the tech. Maybe it won't. The only thing my 8 year old asked for last year was a soft toy. She has loads, ignores most, but we got it for her anyway. It spends half the time on the shelf, the other half fighting monsters, being put to bed, or hugged.

Cupcakeschocolate · 04/11/2021 19:07

Thanks all. Yes I have said OK to the godzilla toy and will get him to choose some books and maybe a game. He wants a sketch pad now as he recently has started drawing a lot. Thanks all

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tobypercy · 04/11/2021 20:26

My son has found the Super Mario lego a good bridge between traditional toys and tech.

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