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Leak proof water bottle for 5 year old starting school

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Flatdisco · 23/08/2021 11:50

My niece is starting school in a few weeks I want to get her a few presents and she is still in need of a water bottle. This is in the list of things they need provided by the school.

Could anyone please recommend a good leak proof bottle? Ideally it would come in colours and patterns a 5 year old girl would like. Also I know from my own bottles they can sometimes be difficult to clean so I think easy clean would be good. Thanks.

OP posts:
Fandangoes · 23/08/2021 16:39



Sorry posted too soon these genuinely do not leak and are easy to open, no lid to lose etc last for years. Lots of pretty colours and designs
AlwaysLatte · 23/08/2021 16:40

Why do they need a water bottle? Just curious as it's only recently that kids have taken water bottles. Are today's kids really that dehydrated? Teachers I've asked about this all roll their eyes at the water bottle nonsense.
Water bottle nonsense. Really??
My two always drink theirs plus a refill.

Akire · 23/08/2021 16:47

Also a vote for sistemas ones really sturdy and screw twist lid that does not leak. Even when lid gets well chewed. They are only ones I buy now come in tiny size 300ml up to 1.5lt

AliMonkey · 23/08/2021 16:47

Sistema are the only ones we’ve found that are not expensive and are consistently leakproof, almost impossible to break and easy clean. Nike ones meet the first three but after a while start to smell. We have some good metal ones which kids have next to their beds but easily dent so don’t leave the house! The Sistema come in about three different sizes.

SnowyCactus · 23/08/2021 16:50

Sistema 100%!! I get them from Asda and they are only a couple of quid. Really easy to open. We buy name labels from Petit Fernand which stick nicely to them (and even last through the dishwasher).

reluctantbrit · 23/08/2021 17:52

For primary most had Sistema bottles. The only issue I had with them is that you need to make sure you clean the lid very thoroughly, even with only water in it we had some getting dodgy black. But not leaking at all.

I would leave the metal ones until they are a bit older.

MotherWol · 23/08/2021 20:58

Another vote for the Ion8 bottle - DD has a metal one (about £10 on Amazon), it’s leakproof and stands up well to being chucked in her bag. Get a spare pack of seals though in case they get lost.

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