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Talk to me about reusable sanitary products...

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Boobahs · 20/08/2021 22:25

Just that really.

I'm in the midst of the horrendous first 2 days of my period again when I have to use two towels lengthwise to stop leaking and have just seen a TikTok video about a company who make different sizes of reusable sanitary towels. I've flirted with the idea before, but not seriously but I'm now thinking that it might be time to change over.

Any tips? How to clean them? How many will I need? Any recommendations on brand?

I'm fairly regular, period every 28-30 days, on for 5 days, first 2 days are awful though and I'm not the smallest person so a longer/bigger towel seems like a great idea.

Any help will be appreciated x

OP posts:
Changeisneeded · 20/08/2021 22:36

I use modibodi period pants and they are incredible especially when I am heavy as before I used to leak through and that is far less common now.

You just rinse in cold water, wash in your machine and voila

Cakeonthefloor · 20/08/2021 22:38

Me and my daughters use reusable pads. I rinse them under the tap and then wash them in the washing machine. They are better than disposables. They don't leak and seem much more absorbent, in my experience. I can't remember what brand I have but I bought them in Holland and Barrett.

Cakeonthefloor · 20/08/2021 22:40

Also they dry very quickly so if you wash them in the evening, they will be dry by morning. I use 4 ultra absorbent and 4 thinner ones. I change them less often than disposables.

Miarara · 20/08/2021 22:47

I like bloom and Nora for pads, rinse them in cold water like a pp said so they don't stain, also period pants are great the absorbant layer is from the front waist band to the back, really avoids leaks, especially at night.

BreadmanAndCake · 20/08/2021 22:47

Bloom and Nora are the brand I have found best. They do lots of different sizes and have two main ranges depending on materials/styles you prefer. I have 8 pads of varying sizes, they're all well used but once my periods return (bf my 9 month old still) they will probably see me through another couple of years before they need replacing making them super cost effective.

They're much softer than normal pads and don't irritate as they aren't plastered in scent. They don't smell when soiled either.
Easy to wash - rinse in cold water, wring out and place in a wet bag until the next wash load goes in the machine, wash as normal, dry on the line and they're good to go pretty quickly.
The environmental factors are of course a positive too.

I hate using disposable sanitary products now - so much more uncomfortable.

QS888 · 20/08/2021 22:49

Mooncup - love it - would never go back to towels !

BreadmanAndCake · 20/08/2021 22:49

Forgot to add - I've never had any leakages using the reusable pads. The largest size that bloom and Nora offer are brilliant for night time use.

DowntonCrabby · 20/08/2021 22:53

Game changer

I’ve used a mooncup for about 10 years but have to double up with a reusable pad overnight for the heaviest 2 nights of my period, large clots mean the MC fills quickly.

I get 8h without having to change through the night. The pad holds a huge amount of liquid and wicks it away so I don’t often realise it’s been used at all until removing to rinse out.

I bought a cheap 5pk of bamboo pads from Amazon and they are now 5+ years old and going strong.

APurpleSquirrel · 20/08/2021 22:56

I'd recommend Honour Your Flow for reusable pads - come in a range of sizes & absorbances & fancy colours. I also wear them with period pants (either Luna by Sainsbury's or Modibodi) overnight or on very heavy days but not had a leak yet from the pads.
They're thicker than disposable ones, but you get used to it.

chickychicchic · 20/08/2021 22:57

I use pads and mooncup equivalent from Amazon.
I am having issues with the cup don't think it's as good as mooncup

Pads I have a selection had them for a long time rarely leak only if it's a sudden leak from mooncup and that happened due to heavy period after vaccine

Go for it get a couple to see first

Mu next job is making myself some more
Lots available on Etsy

Pepperama · 20/08/2021 22:57

Reusable pads here too. Had all sorts of worries about leaks, mess, smell but have used them for a few years now and find them great. I just chuck them in the washing machine and drier with everything else. Only use throwaway ones when travelling now.

YouWereGr8InLittleMenstruators · 20/08/2021 22:58

I use a Mooncup and have enjoyed reusable pads, although recently I have reverted to my post-natal habit of using cotton terry flannels folded into a rectangular sanitary pad shape. It's just so easy, and washes and dries well as it just unfolds.

Sunshineboo · 20/08/2021 22:59

i use modibody pants. i am at an age where my period comes suddenly and heavily. so
i wear them every day.

ps they go up to a size 26 which is brill too

RunningFromInsanity · 20/08/2021 22:59

I have reusable pads but still use the ultra heavy night ones for 1-2 days as I have extremely heavy periods.

The washable ones are good for the lighter days (but personally don’t absorb enough for my heaviest day).
Once I’ve used one I give it a quick rinse then put in a laundry bag and at the end of my period put them on a 40degree wash.

Bohoboo · 20/08/2021 23:01

Wuka and modibodi period pants are great. No moving pad, no leaking and can hold several tampons worth. Expensive but well worth considering and I like them much more than reusable pads

NannyR · 20/08/2021 23:03

I've tried several brands and the ones I like best are Imse Vimse, they are nice and long but not bulky. Earthwise girls website is worth looking at, they have lots of different brands and I think they do a sample pack. I also use cheeky pants which are brilliant, very comfy and make my periods very easy to deal with.

Whether I use pads or pants, when they are used I soak them in a small lidded bucket in the bathroom, then at the end of my period I run them through the washer on a short, cold rinse cycle, then wash with the rest of my laundry.

mumoftinyterrors · 20/08/2021 23:05

I use some bamboo reusable pads I got on Amazon. Really comfortable to wear and don't leak. There's a press stud to clip them onto your knickers. Just rinse in cold water and throw into the washing machine. These ones can even be tumble dried. For overnight/heavy period days, I use Modibodi pants. The pants for heavy periods has a liner that goes really high at the front and then it runs right to the top of your bum so 100% no leaks. They are rinsed in cold water, then washing machined but they have to air dry and because they are so thick, they do takes ages to dry. They are fairly expensive too but one pair I have has lasted nearly 2 years and look as good as day I bought them so suppose it's money well spent.

lochmaree · 20/08/2021 23:06

I use cheeky mama period pants with their night pads for my heaviest days. that combination works really well and I rarely get a leak and if I do it's not as much as with a disposable. we currently cloth bum our toddler so do a nappy prewash every morning so my pads get a quick rinse then in the prewash, then get a proper wash after that too. before cloth nappies, I just rinsed well and washed with other stuff. I love them and they make periods a bit less awful for me.

bluechameleon · 20/08/2021 23:15

I don't have heavy periods so can't advise on that front, but I have been using cloth pads for 4 years and would never go back. They are so comfy and they are really easy. I just have a couple of small bags with two sections for taking out and put clean in one pocket and dirty in the other. Then I have a bigger bag in the bathroom at home. I don't soak them or anything, I just wash them on 40 with towels, cloth baby wipes etc. They rarely get stained and if they do it comes straight off if they are hung outside for a couple of days.

bluechameleon · 20/08/2021 23:17

Forgot to say, my favourites are Earthwise. They are comfy, not too thick and they donate a pad to a girl in Kenya for every pack you buy.

Petal7 · 20/08/2021 23:38

I love my Cheeky Wipes pants, as does my DD. So much less hassle than pads, better for the environment and they seem to give me less period pain! We both also have period swimsuits from Modi Bodi and they are genuinely life changing. No more missing out on swimming.

EccentricaGalumbits · 20/08/2021 23:48

Modibodi pants are brilliant, I do have some cloth pads but only use them for backup when I'm out of pants. The pants just 'seal' better IYKWIM, and you don't have the issue of pads moving about.

I pop the used ones in a plastic ziplock bag and every day or 2 just run a 15 min cold wash in the machine to rinse them, then add everything else and run a load as normal.

For a full day out or in the office I still use tampons on my heavy days because of the ease of changing in public toilets, with Modibodi as backup. But that's 2-3 tampons per cycle instead of 2 boxes like I used to!


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Boobahs · 21/08/2021 12:03

Thanks everyone, this will be a great help. Going to spend some time having a look at some of your recommendations and maybe next month won't be as messy! 👍🏼

OP posts:
HauntedDishcloth · 21/08/2021 12:12

I'll just add that you can also add mini interlabial pads to any protection you're already wearing. They look like leaves and you can't feel them when they're in the right position for you.

Iusedtobeatroll · 21/08/2021 13:20

Total and absolute game changer. If you get a custom maker, you can quite often get them made as long as you want- I have some 18 inch ones which are ginormous but do the job for the first few overnights.

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