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Rotating car seat recommendations please

21 replies

tnetenba · 20/07/2021 11:48

Can anyone recommend their rotating car seat please?

My baby is 9 month and 90th centile so still has room in his cabriofix but it's becoming a bit of a pain in the arse getting him in and out of it.

He'll likely be getting an Axkid Minikid or similar at a later date so we can rearface him until he is 4+. I would go straight to that but his hypothetical sibling will be out of the infant carrier before he is ready for a high back booster. Since I'd be buying another car seat anyways I feel like I may as well have the convenience of a swivel seat now.

I'm not bothered about 180 or 360 spin since he'll be rearfacing anyways. I'm not too concerned about price, I'd much rather have a safer seat and pay a bit more.

Am I right in avoiding I-size seats because of the height restriction? Or will this not really matter if I'm not trying to get it to last until 4.

At the minute I'm looking at the joie spin 360 and the joie spin safe. The spin 360 is cheaper however it is not plus tested, although I wonder if this is just because it can FF.

I'm also curious about the little things that make life easier like how easy are the straps held out of the way etc.

Any help and recommendations are greatly appreciated!

OP posts:
Happycow · 20/07/2021 11:56

Ill be honest its a few yrs since i bought mine and i know new ones come onto the market all the time. But i have a MaxiCosi AxissFix and wouldnt hesitate to buy the same again. The mechanism is still smooth after a lot of use (constant use for 4 yrs), good deep recline, hooks to hold the straps out of the way, i also got the summer cover - £40 but worth every penny (i have sweaty kids!) .

I tried the britax romer when i was looking a few yrs ago but didnt fit well in my car. Its worth trying in a car if you can as the angle of the seat back affects how well the seat sits.

PunchyAnts · 20/07/2021 12:01

We have the Joie 360 and I would recommend it. There is elastic at the sides that you push the metal clips of the straps into to keep them up out of the way. Only thing that's a bit inconvenient that I've found is that the buckle pad between their legs doesn't stand up on its own so when you lift your LO into the seat, you either need to hold it forward with one hand or just go fishing about for it once they are sitting down. If you have more specific questions about that one seat, I can try my best to answer them. Hope that helps!

Cosybelles · 20/07/2021 12:06

We have the Joie spin 360 and it's brilliant. It lasts until they are about 4 so good value too.

WhereDidIGoNext · 20/07/2021 13:10

I had maxi cosi axis and it was brilliant

LaPufalina · 20/07/2021 13:19

Also had the Axiss and recommend. My sister has kids a bit older so I copied her without doing any research!
We had two under two in them, one is now a spare in the attic, I need to find a home for it.

RogersVideo · 20/07/2021 13:45

I have a Joie 360 and have been very happy with it. DS will be 4 in three months and is still using it, though forward facing now, because he wants to face the same way as his big sister. We're on the max height setting so will be upgrading to a new seat soon.

tnetenba · 20/07/2021 16:04

Plenty good things about the 360 then so will have a further look in to that one. The Maxi Cose Axiss is FF only so no good for what I'm looking for but thank you Flowers

OP posts:
Elune · 20/07/2021 16:09

We have a Britax Dualfix. I think it's a brilliant seat. We have a Joie 360 spare for my husband's car and that's good too but I prefer the Britax.

Megan2018 · 20/07/2021 16:09

I’ve got a Joie 360 and a Britax Dualfix M isize. Much prefer the Britax (we have one in each car), it’s much better quality than the Joie. But the Joie is fine, nothing wrong with it. I can report that it cleans up well as DD projectile vomited all over it recently Shock

The Britax harness is nicer and easier to adust, the swivel is easier and it just looks and feels better. Plus made in Germany not China. If I only had one I’d have the Britax.

ISeeTheLight · 20/07/2021 16:12

We had the cyber sirona- some of the other ones took up too much room in our car so I'd recommend to go to a specialist and check what fits your car. We went with one that fitted and that had the best German crash test results.

Horehound · 20/07/2021 16:14

Joie 360. So easy to use

tnetenba · 20/07/2021 16:24

Ah hadn't really considered Britax so I'll have a look at that one thanks. Just realised that the Maxi Cosi Axiss Fix goes RF and it's only the Axiss that is FF only. Think the weight limit is lower though.

@ISeeTheLight was that ADAC for the crash testing? That's what I'm trying to look at but getting a bit confused but really I just want the safest seat there is in the rotating seat catagory.

OP posts:
MadeForThis · 20/07/2021 16:46

We have the britax romer dualfix. If your dc is 90% height centile it might not last until they are 4.

Both DD's were 25% height and they just made it.

MadeForThis · 20/07/2021 16:46

But it's a fantastic seat.

BertieBotts · 20/07/2021 17:10

If you've got the budget to go higher, I would skip the Joie ones. They are fantastic for the price/if you're on a budget but I don't think they are the best rotating seat out there. The straps in them are really annoying, and "which insert should I use" seems to be the content of about 90% of posts on any car seat/ERF groups on Facebook which makes me think they're among the most confusing! People often dislike the way the inserts fit at your child's age because the child ends up sitting on the buckle. Also very little leg room for children because of the lack of anti-rebound bar. That's not a safety problem, but it can be uncomfortable. Lastly, they wobble around all over the place in a lot of cars. Again, not a safety issue, but if you have the budget for another seat then I'd look at other brands personally. Or see if you can compare.

As you don't need it to last until 4 it really doesn't matter about height limits. The i-size ones do test better in general. The side impact protection on the original Joie spin 360 isn't that good.

I would look at the Britax Dualfix i-size ones - these get the best safety score after the Joie ones but they're a lot nicer to use. There is an older/cheaper Britax Dualfix 2R which has a slightly shorter shell and less of a recline than the i-size.

I'd also recommend to look at Recaro Salia, which isn't well known in the UK but is another really nice one. The recline isn't as good on it but it performs really well and the fabrics are lovely. There is an older version called Recaro Zero.1. Both seats also come in an "Elite" version which you don't need - the Elite means it includes a little clip in infant carrier.

If you have sloping seats in your car (and a £££ budget!) you might want to look at Besafe izi Turn or izi Twist. This is another really high performing one for safety, plus it has a slope-countering feature. It's the most solid isofix seat I've ever come across or fitted and it has really well designed straps with a little cut out for the child's shoulders for comfort and big magnets in which actually work to keep them out of the way - most of the time, seats which claim to keep the straps out of the way are pretty useless!

BertieBotts · 20/07/2021 17:12

Maxi Cosi Axissfix is only rear facing up to 87cm which is about 2 years old for an average child. It's not rear facing to 105cm like most of the spin seats. 105cm is about equivalent to 18kg in "old money" seats that go by set weight categories.

Maxi Cosi do have the Mica which is rear facing to 105cm, but it didn't do as well on ADAC testing as the other spin seats.

darcey87 · 20/07/2021 17:16

Love our Britax Romer Dualfix M i-size. Feels incredibly safe, their safety standards go beyond EU regulations. DS finds it very comfy.

Mmr224 · 20/07/2021 17:17

We've got the isize version of the joie 360 and it's been great. Similar situation, new baby due in 2 months who will use the infant carrier to start with then move to this seat and we'll upgrade our little girl when she's about 2.5 to another extended rear facing seat. It was about £280 when we bought it earlier this year. Seems to have had good level of testing and although can go ff or rear, only planning to use it rf.

Anotherdayanotherdollar · 20/07/2021 17:23

I don't have experience with rotating seats but you are correct, only exclusively rf seats are eligible for plus testing.

SquigglePigs · 20/07/2021 17:24

We have the Joie 360 and the Britax Romer. We much prefer the Joie. When DD was little they were both good but now she's bigger (2 and a half and 90+ percentile) she finds the Joie much comfier. The bit on the Romer that does against the back of the chair makes it much harder for her to find somewhere to put her legs. The Romer is now in her grandparents car so it isn't used very often. It's also easier to get the covers off the Joie in the case of accidents.

ISeeTheLight · 20/07/2021 17:55

@tnetenba yes it was the ADAC test and I also looked at seats which had passed the Swedish plus test. The Besafe ones were best all around but took up too much room in our car - meant that the front passenger seat had to sit all the way up to the dashboard so didn't work for us. We had a Ford Cmax.

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