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Knock knock jokes

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Tommy · 05/11/2004 19:23

Does anyone know any? I need a few very simple ones for DS1. I can't think of any and he only knows 2. he thinks it's really funny to keep repeating them (to the same people - hasn't quite got the hang of it yet )They need to be really simple and un-subtle though as he's not 3 yet! TIA

OP posts:
XenaWP · 05/11/2004 19:26

Isabel necessary on a bicycle

martini hands are frozen

can't think of any others at the mo - what are the ones he knows already?

Tommy · 05/11/2004 19:28

Jo King


Boo Who?
No need to cry - it's only a joke

I have no idea if he understands the conecpt at all - but it is very funny
Thanks for those!

OP posts:
mothernature · 05/11/2004 19:35

Try these for size...hope they help

Tommy · 05/11/2004 19:44

Oooh great - thanks MN

OP posts:
KateandtheGirls · 07/11/2004 14:48

orange you gonna open the door and let me in?

Hausfrau · 07/11/2004 15:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WigWamBam · 07/11/2004 15:34

Is this any good?

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