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What’s the next best scooter after the micro scooter

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Tinks15 · 06/05/2021 21:40

My DD is turning 6 soon & has asked for a micro scooter for her birthday. Have been looking at them this evening & they seem so pricey! Can’t quite believe it.

Is there one that’s just as good but cheaper? She had a scooter bought a few years back but didn’t last very long at all.

OP posts:
Passthecake30 · 06/05/2021 21:48

We got ours the maxi micro and they are truely fab, still going strong at 5 yrs later. Often people sell them 2nd hand, we picked one up for about £40.

Aria20 · 06/05/2021 21:52

They are worth the money. We got a maxi micro scooter for our oldest when he was 3, he is now 12 and the scooter was passed down to his 9yo brother and now his 3yo sister and it's still going strong so 9 years of use and 3 children! They are very robust and you can get drinks holders or bags to attach to them too.

Hazel444 · 06/05/2021 21:53

Another vote for the Maxi Micro!

Tinks15 · 06/05/2021 21:55

I’m going to have to suck it up & buy one aren’t i? Grin

OP posts:
KatyN · 06/05/2021 22:46

There is a fab second hand market. Look on eBay.
We bought my son a second hand one, when he trashed it he moved to the maxi. His little sister got a new micro but only because everything else she gets is second hand.

Happyelfjokeday · 07/05/2021 06:38

Definitely recommend looking for a second hand one. Have a look on Facebook marketplace to find one local? It’s quite cheap to buy new handles if you want to

feesh · 07/05/2021 06:39

The Decathlon ones are well made and cheaper.

Changeismyname · 07/05/2021 06:39

We got DS a JD Bug for his birthday in January and it’s really great!

TrendingHistory · 07/05/2021 06:49

This reply has been deleted

Withdrawn at the user's request

Equimum · 07/05/2021 07:06

We went for the Micro Sprint, and DS has loved it (very fast and folds to travel) BUT he really wants to have a go on the little ramps now, and the scolding mechanism means it’s not really safe. In hindsight, wish we’d bought him a cheap stunt one. So, my point it, check out what she will want to use to use her new scooter for.

Round here, most kids seems to progress into JD Bugs for street scooting. Not sure whether they are cheaper, but they look largely the same as the Sprint.

supercalifragilistic123 · 07/05/2021 07:10

You can buy parts quite easily for them. We've picked up a couple of 'broken' ones very cheaply and fixed them ourselves.

MrsWhites · 07/05/2021 07:44

My DS has a bold cube scooter, very happy with it so far and a fraction of the micro scooter price. All parts are replaceable for a reasonable price too.

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