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Please recommend reusable take away coffee cup

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toolazytothinkofausername · 28/02/2021 18:27

I feel like it is about time I purchase a reusable coffee cup to take to coffee shops.

Please recommend which one I should buy, and also if possible which size.

I order a Grande from Starbucks which is 473ml.

OP posts:
toolazytothinkofausername · 28/02/2021 18:31

Note: I very rarely purchase take away drinks, but it'll be nice to have a reusable cup for the odd occasion I do buy one.

OP posts:
DearTeddyRobinson · 28/02/2021 18:36

I swear by my Contigo. Having said that haven't coffee shops stopped using refillable cups since bloody COVID? Not sure if/when this will be reinstated. Tbh I usually made my own coffee before leaving for work as I'm a tightarse Grin

HalfShrunkMoreToGo · 28/02/2021 18:37

I have a contigo and it's brilliant, keeps drinks hot for 8 hrs and locks with a button on top so it's completely leak proof. I've had it in my handbag, on a train and then the tube just rattling around and got to work with no spills and scalding hot coffee.

RoomAtTheEndOfTheWorld · 28/02/2021 18:39

Swig mug, they're pricey but by far the best reusable cup I've had (and I've bought a few over the years)
I've bought 2 of these for myself in the past year and one for a gift. I've just bought their water bottle too.
I've only ever used it so far for taking drinks out on walks etc that I've made at home, as PP said I don't think many takeaway places have been allowing reusable since Covid, but I've just been using my round the house anyway to keep my coffee warm for longer.

However pre COVID when I worked in the office I would make coffee at home and take it into work in an insulated travel mug so one day when I'm back in the office I'll do that again!

ChocolateSantaisthebestkind · 28/02/2021 18:46

I got a Primark Harry Potter one in the clearance for 50p and can honestly say it is the best one I've ever used. Doesn't leak and keeps drinks hot, whilst not being scalding to the touch or to drink.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants · 28/02/2021 18:50

I have a contigo, which I love. Recently bought a silicon Stobo cup, simply because it's collapsible and doesn't take the same room up in my bag. Not sure how much it holds, will check. Costa are still giving the resusabel cup 25p discount. Last week they gave us the discount, but gave us the drinks in paper cups (cos covid innit). This week, they fill ed our cups, having got us to take the lids off, so it depends on the day I think. Stobo copes with medium costa btw.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants · 28/02/2021 18:51

Reusable. I can spell it Grin

WingBingo · 28/02/2021 18:55

Contigo. They are awesome.

CompleteBarstool · 28/02/2021 18:56

Another vote for Contigo here.

Apparently Caffe Nero give you double stamps for using a reusable cup (9 stamps=free drink)

Wolfcub · 28/02/2021 19:21

Contigo. It'll keep your drunk warm for hours

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